16 de julio de 2012

[Review] Rooftop Prince

Title: Rooftop Prince
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 20
Cast: Park Yoochun, Han Ji Min, Lee Tae Sung, Jung Yoo Mi

Synopsis: Lee Gak is a crown prince in the Joseon Era. When the Crown Princess is found out dead, he starts to investigate about the causes of her death. But, after some weird circumstances he and his escort are transported to the Korea of today. Then, in the present, due to his resemblance of the heir of a big company, he will take his position in order to find out the way to get home and find the cause of his wife's death.

Review: ☆☆☆☆ / ☆☆☆☆☆
OMG, finally yesteday I could finish this drama. And it was so sad ;; Alright, alright, the ending for me was sad, but for my other friends who also saw the drama was really beautiful. So, I think it might depend on your point of view. But what you can't deny is the fact that the drama is really enjoyable through its 20 episodes. It's funny, has an amazing plot, handsome actors (Yoochun <3) and a fantastic OST! So, I definetely recomend to watch this drama. You won't regret.

(cr. image: google.com)

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