30 de diciembre de 2012

[FAN ACCOUNT] 121102 U-kiss fanmeeting

We were around 2 thousand KissMes at the fan meeting. We got to enter around 1.30pm. We weren’t allowed to take any videos or photos. And we had to be very quiet during the whole event, those were the rules. After the countdown, the show started.

They introduced their selves. Kiseop said: “Hola ah ah ah” which made KissMes laughed. Also Eli introduced himself twice and made Kevin laughed. After this, the guys started to say random Spanish phrases such as: “Agua, por favor” (Eli said it, and it means: “Water, please”), “Tengo Hambre” (Hoon said it a lot of times, it means: “I’m hungry”), “KissMe Peru es Hermosa” (“KissMe Peru is beautiful”, Kevin said it and it melted me lol) and Soohyun repeated “Pisco” (Peruvian liquor) lots of times, too.

They started to talk to us; Kevin asked if we were to the concert. Eli also told us that AJ called them and said he wanted to come to Peru in the future.

After the first fan talk they performed “Doradora”. I was tearing the whole song. I love this song so much TT. I screamed the fan chants until my throat hurt.

Later, they chose girls to teach them some Spanish phrases. Dongho chose a girl with a big photo of him. Hoon was very lovely with his girl, he said lots of times “Te quiero” to her. Kevin and Soohyun chose Bolivian and Brazilian girls respectively. Most of girls chosen just made them say lovely phrases such as “Te quiero” (I love you), “Cásate conmigo” (Marry me), “Llévame a tu casa para vivir” (Take me to your home to live), etc. I really didn’t like those girls’ attitude because the purpose of it was to teach them phrases that they could use to SURVIVE in Peru. And U-kiss members hugged the girl chosen after saying goodbye to her.

Then they performed “Stop girl”. I love it as usual, even though I’ve been hearing it a lot since their arriving (kinda tired of it, but still loving it).

The next activity was a contest to find the KissMe who could dance “Stop Girl”. They chose 6 girls and in the end all of them received a signed and kissed CD. And one KissMe gave Eli a kiss on the cheek, he then said: “Quiero casarme con una Latina” (I want to marry a Latin girl).

After it, we all sang Happy Birthday to Kevin.

Finally, they performed Man Man Ha Ni. The chants were so loud for this song. At this part, Kiseop went to our side and did a sign with his hands, like asking us to stand up. I was so absorbed by him that I stood up. My sister and a couple of friends next to me also did. However, we just stood up for a few seconds since it was forbidden. Despite that, Kiseop made a sign of approval with his hand and thumb. I wont never forget that.

After they finished the song, I felt sad because it was the last time that we would ever get to see them in our country. But at least I enjoyed every single moment of it. U-kiss saranghae!


Edit: Actually, later that day I went to the airport with my sister and my friend Karen. We got to see Hoon and Soohyun! :D My sister filmed it, since I'm not good with cameras haha. You can see the footage below.

25 de diciembre de 2012

Merry X-Mas!

Hello! It's been a while since I have updated something. Well, I just came to update something a little bit. I’ve been very busy these days so I couldn’t be on my laptop that much. Hopefully, by January I might finally upload my fan cams, fan accounts, pictures, etc about the concerts in Peru and other stuffs. So stay tuned!

Well, yesterday was Christmas eve and I spent a nice dinner with my family. It’s the first Christmas we celebrate with Canela (my dog). At first, she was very afraid of the fireworks but then she got used to it. We ate turkey with potatoes.

After having dinner, we opened our presents and took lots of pictures. My mom loves to take pictures of everything. I took some pictures of my outfit, too. I wear a cross shirt, shorts and black pumps. I must say I love my pumps (high heels) because they make my legs look longer and skinnier than usual lol

Well, that’s it for my quick update. Merry Christmas everyone!

25 de noviembre de 2012

[FAN ACCOUNT] 121031 Ukiss' fansign in Peru

I arrived at the place around 3.30pm and there were already lots KissMes there. I got enumerated (I was 190, my friend was 191 and my little sister was 192). At 5pm we entered to the hall to line there. At 6.00pm, the event started and the first fans in the row could enter. Around 6.20pm, the event was suddenly changed to a handshaking due to no reason. So, people started to enter faster.

I had my Stop Girl CD, my ticket and my jacket in one arm so I could have the other to shake hands with U-kiss. The moment I could finally enter to the venue I was very nervous. This was really happening so fast. In the way to see U-kiss, the fan club was giving a poster to everyone. Since I already had that poster (you could pick it in a sale-point with ticket for the concert) I didn’t receive it. Plus I didn’t have hands to hold it. I passed to a big door and I could finally see them.

U-kiss was in a stage and they were lined to receive every fan in order. The first one I got to see face to face was Soohyun. He was so good-looking that day. I mean, he is not my bias, but he looked so freaking hot that day. He said “Hola” (Hello in Spanish) and took my hand with his both hands. He was smiling and I was so shocked because of this that I could only get to say to him: “I will always be a KissMe” in Korean. After I said this, his whole face lighted up and he smiled even more. He made a good sign with hand and thumb. I guess he didn’t say anything else in Korean because he thought I wouldn’t understand (lol). 

Then I moved into Hoon. At this moment, my memories are very blurry. I can only remember he was SO handsome and cute… My brain collapsed with the sight of him so close. He held my hand firmly until I moved to Eli. Seriously, seeing Hoon was so shocking I can only remember Eli’s blonde hair TT. I guess he said “Hi” to me, or he didn’t. I really don’t remember that much OTL.

The next one was Kiseop. I know this because my friends told me. I really couldn’t remember anything after I left the place. I don’t know if I shaked hands with him because I was in a trance… When I passed in front of Dongho, I wouldn’t notice him if he didn’t hold my hand with his both hands. I can remember his brown hair and eyes.
When I got to see Kevin, I kind of reacted. I remember the bunch of phrases I wanted to say to them in person. I was starting to say: “U-kiss will always be numer 1 in KissMes’ heart” in Korean but I couldn’t finish it because the security made me. Kevin was smiling the whole time.

After this, I went outside of the venue. I was so frustrated. I mean I wanted to say to them some encouraging phrases in Korean and English and I couldn’t say anything because of the shock. I even spoke to Kevin in Korean when I could tell him something in English!! Agggh, I was really angry at myself because of this. And also because of the partial amnesia I had (I could only remember Soohyun, Hoon and Kevin). The only one I could tell something was Soohyun because with the rest I didn’t even say “hi”.

The event finished at 7.00pm and there were some girls who could get to see them when they left. I gathered with some friend and went home. After all, the next day was the concert and I had lots of things to fix.

11 de noviembre de 2012

[Fan account] U-kiss at Jorge Chavez airport 301012

Alright, I arrived at Jorge Chavez airport (main airport in Peru) at 10pm aprox. There were already lots of fans gathered all around the gate. I really didn't expect this big amount of people because of the time. When JYJ came to the country, it was in the morning and there were almost 5 thousand people that day. But since we were told U-kiss would come out at midnight, i never thought there would be this amount of people waiting for them.

Anyway, i met with my friend Fio (1st pic) who was also very surprised of the amount of people that night. We were almost 4 thousand of people waiting for U-kiss~ We gathered with the fanclub (2nd pic) and waited outside of the airport, in front of a door (3rd pic) were they were supposed to come out of. Fio did a live stream and we got 2 thousand viewers (yay!)

Around 11.30pm, some cars appeared (they were U-kiss' transport) and we all got excited. There was even lot of press (2nd pic) around ready to cover they arriving. But suddenly, around midnight, the cars moved a little more to the right. And we realized they were going to come out from the main gate, where most people come from, just to see their fans.

With the staff, we felt kind of disspaointed cause we knew we wouldnt be able to see them directly. We thought they would get of, take their cars and leave inmediately. But again, contrary to what we expected they came out of the airport and started to greet their fans. Actually, they didnt greet that much inside, but outside. All the KissMes were outside with the fanclub, with the banners, sign, flags, etc and they saw that.

The first thing I could see from them was Eli's blonde hair. I got excited and shocked first at this. Was this really happening? Then Kiseop got closer to us. He waved at us and then I muted. I didnt really pay attention to what I was filming. I only care at that moment and Kiseop and his big smile. Then Dongho came to greet us. He was filming us with his cellphone. He was very surprised of the banners we got to support them.

After being so absorbed with them for a couple of seconds. They both got into the van. When they were already leaving I could spot Hoon inside the van, he was also filming us. They were very surprised of the amount of fans that night. When the car started to move I could see Kevin waving at us, in the seat behind Hoon's. And behind him, was Soohyun with a cap. I knew it was him because of his profile lol

And then, they were gone. I felt empty after they left. There were lots of girls who chased the car, but I dont think thats good for them cause they only want to rest after such a long flight.

I'm sharing with you guys my fancam. After the whole experience, I realized I'm not good at making fancams. I mean, i rather prefer to focus on what I'm living than recording something on tape. I'm sorry, I wish i could do both things ok, but that's not the case :c.

13 de octubre de 2012


Bueno, este es el saludo oficial de U-kiss para las KISSmes de Perú. Acá ya dicen la fecha oficial que es el 1ero de Noviembre. Básicamente lo que dicen en coreano (el líder, Soohyun) es que esperemos un poquito más que ya van a visitarnos.

Como sabrán ellos se presentarán este 1ero de Noviembre en Lima en la Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental. Aún quedan entradas en todas las zonas y lo precios están muy módicos, a decir verdad. Y la empresa que los trae, Take One Producciones, ha anunciado que todas las personas que compren sus entradas hasta el 20 de octubre pueden reclamar su póster del concierto gratis! Más información aquí.

Y como se habrán dado cuenta, todo lo que publico últimamente es U-kiss jaja. Pero es que estos chicos me caen muy bien y de verdad espero que se vendan todas las entradas para el concierto, por eso les haré toda la publicidad necesaria. Además, miren su entusiasmo ;; no quiero que se encuentren con un concierto vacío :c

Bueno, sin más que contar. Me iré a estudiar para mis parciales. Saludos.

10 de octubre de 2012

U-KISS greetings for Peru and Chile

Alright, guys. The video above just came out and IM SPAZZING OUT!! U-kiss are greeting to his Peruvian and Chilean fans, and are inviting everyone to join to their concert this November 1st and November 3th.

But actually, I guess they made a mistake cause as we already know, peruvian concert is scheduled to November 1st, and they said it was gonna be on the 3th lol. I think they will re-do a video or something haha. Even Kevin has said it 12 hrs ago through his twitter:

Well, that's my quick update of the day. I got the flu and I'm dying. Next week i got my midterm exams and I should be studying but i can't because of the illness (Yeah right lol). Below, I share with you the interview of Eli and Kevin. This was uploaded a few days before the concert was announced, and I screamed so loud when I saw it (heard it). They basically say they were coming soon, we never thought THIS soon lol

Anyways, bye c:

8 de octubre de 2012

U-Kiss concert ticket + Outfit update

Ya tengo mi entrada para el concierto de U-Kiss! Yay! Bueno, hoy fui temprano al Plaza Vea (ticketera oficial) que queda cerca de mi casa. Tenía miedo de llegar y encontrarme con una gran cola... pero no fue así. Llegué a las 8am y solo habían 2 chicas haciendo cola. Me les uní y empezamos a hablar. Cerca a las 10am, ya eramos 12 chicas. Yo aún seguía con nervios pues no sabía como estaba la venta en otros puntos, pero en fin...

A las diez en punto arrancó la venta de las entradas y para las 10:04am ya tenía la entrada Kiss Vip (la más cercana al escenario) en mis manos. Estoy feliz, pues estaré muy adelante y el precio es muuuy cómodo. Lo que me preocupa es cuantas entradas se venderán, espero que se lleguen a vender más entradas en lo que va de la semana. Lo que pasa es que con el concierto de Bigbang y el Music Bank en Chile, la gente está sin dinero :c

Y bueno, por fin pude tomarle un par de fotos a mi outfit. Me gusta mucho este look puesto que abriga bastante y además es muy cómodo. Llevo una blusa de estrellas de Sybilla, encima un sweater también Sybilla, unas leggings azul marino. Y lo complemento con un anillo LOVE de Pink y un collar de reloj de Malloko.

6 de octubre de 2012

This tiring yet beautiful life...

Creo que podría llenar mi blog con fotos de mi anillo simplemente jaja. Es que lo amo, es muy bonito y me costó 3 soles (un dólar americano). Lo malo es que, como la gran mayoría de anillos, me queda muy grande :c Mis dedos son muy huesudos, siempre lo han sido, por ello se me hace difícil comprar anillos... pero no pude resistirme a llevarme este anillo hace unos días.

Well, en 2 días sale a la venta las entradas para el concierto de U-Kiss en Lima y ya tengo el dinero para mi entrada! Como todo concierto, me la estoy pagando yo, pues mis padres no me apoyan en eso :c Bueno, ellos ya hacen bastante por mí, so~ Voy a la Kiss Vip! Y si todo sale bien, tendré unas fancams preciosas del rostro de Kevin, ok no xD

Y bueno, con la entrada de U-Kiss, se acaban mis ahorros. Tengo que volver a ahorrar para comprar nuevo maquillaje (me compré una base de Max Factor pero no me dura las 24hrs :/) y una blusa a la cual ya le eché el ojo.

Sin más que decir les dejo un spam de fotos random que tomé en la semana, bye

5 de octubre de 2012


This is the official information, posted in Take One Producciones facebook and confirmed by the band:

Date of the Concert: November, 1st
Venue: Explanada del Estadio Monumental
Time: 20hrs
Ticketseller: Tu Entrada 

From October 8th to October 15th

KISS VIP 350 soles

U VIP 250 soles

GENERAL 150 soles

From October 16th to October 28th

KISS VIP 400 soles

U VIP 300 soles

GENERAL 180 soles

Original prices

KISS VIP 450 soles

U VIP 350 soles

GENERAL 220 soles

All the prices includes the ticketseller's comission, so these are the full prices. Information for people abroad will be posted soon!

4 de octubre de 2012


ACABAN DE CONFIRMAR QUE U-KISS VIENE A PERÚ!!! HDFGDKJGFKJGFHG OH POR DIOS, No ha pasado una semana desde que Kevin mencionó que iban a venir a Perú y ya lo confirmaron!!

Dios, después de la depresión que tuvo al enterarme de que iba a haber un Music Bank en Chile y que no podía costearme el viaje, esta FUE LA MEJOR NOTICIA QUE HE RECIBIDO EN TODA LA SEMANA! safdsfdg No hace mucho que me empezó a gustar Ukiss cofcofKevincofcof por unas entrevistas que les hicieron, y hjgjkdfghkf OMG VAN A VENIR!!

DIGJFGJJS Y en mi emocón entendí todo mal xD Resulta que empezarán a vender las entradas el 8 de octubre, o sea de acá a la próxima semana, y... yo ando sin un sol OTL Tengo dinero, pero estaba juntado y a la mierda, yo compraré adelante. Rogaré a mi padre. Period.

Ahora solo falten que confirmen lugar y fecha y igjfkgjfijd y lo más probable, digo, es que sea este año. REZO PARA QUE NO CAIGA EN DÍA DE PRÁCTICA!!! POR FAVOR!!! T_T

Lo siento, pero esta entrada es solo para expresar mis sentimientos right now cause UKISS IS COMING TO FREAKING PERUUUUUUUUUUU!!! bye

Para más información, denle me gusta al Facebook oficial de Take One Producciones

30 de septiembre de 2012

Random update of the week

Well, as you might have noticed, I changed the skin of my blog! Yay! It looks more clean now and i prefer it this way better. Even though, blogspot is giving me lots of problems with the new skin cause it's not letting me see the previews of my posts T_T It's so unfair, but oh well, i'll keep this new pretty template till i get bored of it, like with the other one.

Alright, these days i've been a camera whore lol Not really, I always like to take pictures of myself, just that i don't have enough time to take them cause I'm always late for my classes OTL And I get done in a rush... and no time to take pictures. But, this time i took a few minutes to take some selcas ( I love saying that word dunno why lol), so I'm posting them here.

My mom says i look kind of anorexic in the picture above lol I don't think so. I mean it's just the camera/position effect. But, I want to clarify it through here (cause I know my mom reads my blog lol) that my current weight is 49kg and my height is 1.62m. My mom thinks I'm 45kg. Nope, I wish i could be that thin haha, but i can't afford it with everything I eat everyday. Anyways, I'm feeling like a soshi (like Hyoyeon, just because of the measurements lol).

I got lots of outfits i'd love to upload but since i got no time, i can't T_T Hopefully, by the other week I'll have the proper photoshoot of them :) Oh, by the way, have I told you about my recent obsession with Wong Kar-wai's movies? That guy is a genius! I'm doing an essay for my class about one of his movie, which is my favorite (Chungking Express), and if it comes ok, i will post it here.

Have a nice weekend.

23 de septiembre de 2012

Got my BIGBANG's lightstick

Nothing much to say about this week besides the fact that I FINALLY GOT MY BIGBANG'S LIGHTSTICK :D Yay! I got i very cheap. Less that $7. And after two months of waiting, they finally arrived. Now i'm ready for Bigbang's concert in November :) Well, i still need to make my uchiwa (which i havent decided who to make it about, but ill figure it out later)

This is my third lightstick (after getting the SJ and SHINee's ones), but the exciting is still there :) Even though the most pretty and eye-catching lightstick is the other one (the one that looks like a yellow flower), i still like this one.

Have a nice week c:

7 de septiembre de 2012

I've changed a lot, mom.

These days are getting very, but very freaking cold. And at the same time, it's almost spring. I can't really believe that winter is theorically coming to an end. It wasn't that cold after all. Oh well, im still very comfortable in my warm house with lots of clothes on. By the way, I'm not really talking about something coherent in this post, just random thought of a cold night.

Last night, i was reviewing my old pictures. Back when i was 10 years old, i was such an ugly duck lol. Im not saying im smocking hot right now, but i guess im "prettier" than before. Oh well, i still think i got so many things i wanna fix in my whole body. For example, my hair. Even though i got it straigthen a while ago, i still think i dont have the right hair style, you know? I think i need some bangs, and i think they will fit me better now that i have better hair. And i also want to dye it. I want to have Tiffany's hair haha. She is very pretty, at least for me.

My diet is going well, there are some days i forget my diet and i end up eating lots of crap, but overall is going fine. Im not gonna say my weight, because i still need to loose some kilos, but i could say im almost as thin as Hyeoyeon lol. I wish i could be taller, too.

And i really think i should be reading those stupid articles i need to read for my courses. I gotta read like 200 pages and im writing this nonsense while listening to kpop. I wish days could be longer... I wish i could be someone, too. But that's just such a different topic i may talk about some other day.

I want to go to more kpop concerts. I wanna meet SNSD and i wanna take picture with them lol Ive been dreaming a lot with them these days. not just GG but a lot of kpop idols in general. God knows why. Its said that Hyuna is coming to Peru to record her MV, my sister couldnt handle her happiness when got to know the news. I wish Tiffany could come to Peru. My favorite artists never come. Anyway...

Pic spam lol Well, i need to take LOTs of picture of myself with straight hair. It was pretty expensive so i should take the right advantage of it, you know? Down, you will see more pictures of myself. This time im doing stupid poses trying to emulate GG lol First is the paparazzi pose, fail. And the other is the Twinkle pose, failure as well. Anyway, i had lots of fun taking selcas. My sister not that much. 

I want to take more pictures of myself in the future, thats a good way of seeing my progress lol Not really, is more like to have a record of my growing as a person and as a woman. I wish that growing could also be reflected in height lol

Bigbang's concert is coming... Ancafe is also coming, and Lady Gaga... everyone is coming and i got no money. I wish i was rich. And Junsu is already in Brazil... and my mother is going to travel there next week. I wish i could see him dancing Intoxication again haha. And my music player keeps playing lots of sad songs (most of them are from the OST of Rooftop Prince, that sad drama YC made this year)

Oh well, im saying bye. Do not waste your time trying to understang this nonsense, would ya? Ok. Bye.

2 de septiembre de 2012

Happiness is to hold flowers in both hands

Creo que me dedicaré a subir outfits de ahora en adelante LOL A menos que pase algo interesante que merezca un post en mi blog. Bueno, en cuanto al outfit... yo lo usé el primer día de clases, pero con zapatos oxford en vez de los tacos, ya que también funcionan y son más cómodos. Los shorts son antiguos, pantis invernales (tengo dos, una negra debajo y la azul encima), cardigan Basement, corset floreado (amo ese corset) y bolso-mochila marrón. 

Es un outfit muy funcional, pues el corset estiliza la figura y tal. Y debo decir, que mis piernas se ven largísimas con los tacos *.* Aunque, aún así soy chata OTL. Bueno, eso. Les adjunto el outfit subido a lookbook.nu. Denle hype y mucho amor c: Tengo muchas más outfits que subir, pero tengo que hacerme de tiempo TT La universidad me consume... bueno, ¡nos vemos!

27 de agosto de 2012

Long time no see.

Bueno, hace una semana regresé a clases (mis vacaciones de mes y medio terminaron OTL) y he dejado esto muy descuidado, así que pasé a actualizar. En estas vacaciones, muchas cosas pasaron: me laceé el cabello (con un tratamiento de keratina muy costoso, pero sin formol), me compré (cofcofcompraroncofcof) una nueva cámara (Canon SX150 IS en color negro) y un nuevo par de gafas (rompí los otros ;;)

Y bueno, también saqué mi DNI azul (soy ciudadana, porfin), posteé un look en lookbook, no he crecido ni un solo centímetro en lo que va del año, pero bueno, esas cosas no interesan mucho. Abajo les adjunto mis fotos del antes y después c: Debería también subir fotos de como está ahora (ya ha pasado como 1 mes) ya no está tan lacio, pero sigue "lacio". 

En cuanto al blog, pienso cambiarle la skin pronto (o sea de acá a diciembre o cuando me haga un tiempo). Quiero una blanca y sencilla, siempre quize una así, pero nunca encontraba una que me convenciese. En fin, debería estar estudiando (mis cursos son muy difíciles este ciclo) pero heme aquí posteando webada y media. Bueno. Ya para irme, les dejo mi look de LB para que le den hype (o me gusta en lenguaje normal). Bye.

1 de agosto de 2012

[ALIVETOUR IN PERU] Venta de Entradas

Y, ¡el día de la venta de entradas llegó! Esta vez, no acampé ni hice muchos planes para ir a adquirir mi entrada. Pero las expectativas en general fueron muchas puesto que las VIPs (fans de BigBang) han estado acampando desde el sábado en la noche, ¡casi 4 días!

Esperando que no hubiese mucha cola en el Metro (centro comercial donde hay una boletería Teleticket) al que yo iría, salí de mi casa a las 8 de la mañana. Llegué al lugar a eso de las 8 y media. El centro comercial recién abría sus puertas y solo un par de personas estaba comprando algunos víveres. Yo me sorprendí pues esperaba encontrar cola o algo al lado de la boletería, pero no vi nada de gente ni tumulto. Ya cuando me disponía de ir a los servicios, vi a una chica parada cerca de la boletería con un ticket. Me acerqué y le pregunté si ella venía a comprar entradas para BigBang y ella: "Sí, necesitas un ticket amarillo. Se lo puedes pedir a la señora de afuera." Yo sorprendida me dirigí a la salida y me encontré con una larga cola fuera del recinto. Wow, no era mentira de qué también habían acampando en ese lugar como había leído la noche anterior.

Pedí mi ticket amarillo e hice mi cola. Me puse a hablar con algunas chicas hasta que llegaron las 9 de la mañana. Las chicas empezaron a emocionarse. Yo era la 89 cuando llegué, y creo que la cola llegó hasta ciento y pico. A las 9:50 a.m. seguíamos haciendo cola. En eso, unas chicas empezaron a decir que ya no había entrada Kandavu (zona más cercana al escenario). Las 2 mil entradas de 750 soles se habían agotado en menos de 1 hora. Todas nos quedamos atónitas.

Yo renegaba, pues no habían puesto límite al momento de comprar las entradas. Y delante de unas amigas, una señora compró 10 entradas (revendedora). Y una amiga me comentó más tarde, que en su local una tía compró 30 entradas. Qué viveza. Bueno, mi amiga VIP estaba desesperada, al borde de las lágrimas para ese entonces. Cuando llegó mi turno una chica llegó feliz diciendo que habían aumentado las entradas Kandavu. Se renovaron nuestras esperanzas.

Aparte de la cola general, para entrar al local había una mini cola más, de 10 personas. Para estas también se necesitaba un ticket, esta vez, blanco. Lo gracioso de cuando entré fue que estaban pasando Super Junior en los televisores de la tienda. El K-pop presente en todos lados.

A las 10.30 a.m, las cinco teníamos nuestras entradas queridas. Compramos 4 generales y 1 kandavu. Todas felices. Según me datearon, para el mediodía, ya se habían venido 7mil entradas de las 9mil preparadas para el concierto. Además, las entradas Kandavu se agotaron otra vez, luego de haberse agregado unas 200 más. Aún quedan entradas en las otras zonas, así que si desean adquirir sus entradas acérquense al Teleticket más cercano que tienen, o si son del extranjero, pueden comprarlo via su página web: http://www.teleticket.com.pe

26 de julio de 2012

[ALIVE TOUR IN PERU] Precio de entradas

Las entradas estarán a la venta desde el 1ero de Agosto en Teleticket de Wong y Metro tanto en Lima como en las diversas provincias autorizadas. Los precios de las entradas son como siguen y ademas incluyen la comision de la ticketera :

1era Zona " Kandavu " 785 soles 
2da Zona " Vip" 553 soles 
3ra Zona "Preferencia" 325 soles 
4ta Zona " General " 142 soles 

Se recuerda que TODO el concierto es Stand Up y se aceptan todas las tarjetas de credito o debito y otros medios de pago.

A toda la gente interesada en adquirir sus entradas y que no tenga la facilidad de adquirir sus entradas por la lejania UNICAMENTE A PARTIR DEL 1ERO DE AGOSTO dia en que sale a la venta el concierto lo podran hacer SOLAMENTE en las oficinas de Kandavu en Av Pardo 182 Piso 12 en Miraflores con la Señorita Jeny Romero (jromero@kandavu.com ). La unica forma de acceder a una reserva es acreditando el pago , NO HAY OTRA MANERA de poder hacerlo lamentablemente .

La capacidad del concierto es de 9,000 personas y se limitara a esta cantidad de entradas a la venta , si el grupo lo autoriza se podra hacer una unica y pequeña ampliacion que se infornara en su momento y en caso sea necesario .


Plano del concierto y distribución de zonas.