29 de noviembre de 2014

Final Exams!

So, next week are my final exams :( I'm really nervous because I'm not so great on my subjects this semester, so I need better grades to pass them. It's all because I'm working and studying. It is really tough! I'm really thankful to my parents, because they had to work in order to study. I'm only working in order to graduate from college.

Anyway, I will be gone for 2 weeks in order to obtain good grades. Wish me luck, I'll need it.

So, Christmas is really around the corner, and I'm thinking in buying myself a smartphone. I really need one for college and for my everyday life. But I'm really scary to spend lot of money and then get stolen :/ Really, sometimes I could live somewhere else -sigh-. I really can't decide between an Iphone or a Samsung Galaxy. I love the cases you can put on an Iphone... but I'm afraid the battery or memory might damage and that's the end of the cellphone. In other hand, we have the Samsung Galaxy which has amazing features, but I can't find any decent case for it :/. You know, I want a pretty case for my selfies :c lol Plus, most asian girls I follow on instagram have iPhones and their quality camera is amazing! Despite having less resolution than the Galaxy...

So those are my thoughts on buying a new cellphone. Currently I'm only using the cellphone that the work gave me (nokia). So it's really convenient because you can text or call anywhere without the fear of getting robbed.

I'm sharing some selcas I've taken with my dad's Samsung Galaxy S3 mini. It has a pretty decent camera, I must say. Plus, having so many apps available and free is a definitely win.

If you wanna see more random picture I might take, follow me on instagram lol. I actually only post pictures when my dad lends me his cellphone OTL. Anyway, those are my random thoughts of the day. I will go to study now. See you on December!


16 de noviembre de 2014

MasGamers Tech Festival VII


Friday (Nov 14th) was the MasGamer (Tech Festival). My friend Kimi got us free tickets, so I was happy I could attend to it. It was held in the Coliseum of my University. 

We arrived at 1.30pm. In the beginning we couldn't enter because the organizer with the bracelets wasn't there. But after 15 minutes, we finally were able to enter. The event wasn't full yet. So with Kimi decided to take pictures wherever possible lol. It was fun.

But we realized something. We were the only girls in the event at that moment :v. It was fun because every guy was looking at us. I guess it wasn't such a good idea to go to the event in mini skirt :v But seriously, it was awkwardly fun.

There where 2 conferences very interesting, one about the relevancy and impact of Videogames in nowadays and other about the Videogames as a way of education. There were speeches during the whole day, but we only listened to those both.

Then we decided to play and test some games of the events. When I sit to play some hiding game at a CPU Stand, some guy asked me to take pictures of myself for a magazine :v. I accepted. I only had to play and smile to the camera :v. Hopefully I won't be edited and appeared on brazzers lol.

I also tested some Level Up videogame, and since I was so lost, some dude next to me helped me. Later I  took picture with some zombies cosplayers. There was a game they were testing at the event, but we didn't get to play it since the queue was so long!

We then arrived at the PUCP stand of the event. They had in exhibition all the techonology advance they had in the university. They even developed some Karaoke app, so Kimi and I tested in with "Come over" from Cristina Aguilera lol. So fun and embarrasing.

We then went around the event and some dudes came to us to film us. They made a little interview. They went very proffesional. And again, awkward, but fun. I should have asked what program where they from. Anyway...

We left the event for a while to attend to some classes and then came back. We played some Play Station games: Street Fighter, Naruto, Mine craft, etc. By night there were some cosplayers. Actually only 2 that I really liked: Umbreon from Pokemon and Bender from Futurama. We took more pictures with them aswell. We also tried some energy drink they were giving away: Monster. The male models were handsome :v.

We played some arcade games. We also played some videogames created by peruvians: for PSP and for iOS/playstore. We took more pictures around the place and then left for some other classes.

In the end, it was a very nice event. I really enjoyed it. If I were a gamer, I would had been in heaven. I also need to thanks my friend Kim for the tickets, and for all the amazing pictures she took with her professional camera ♡. I should buy my batteries already! OTL I'm sorry I didn't post lots of pictures, but I don't like to make my blog to slow because of the weight of pictures.

Well, that's all for today. Have a nice Sunday!

Game over,

15 de noviembre de 2014

Matsuri XXIII


Last Saturday (Nov 8th) was the XXIII Matsuri. Event when they commemorate the arriving of the japanese colony in Peru. I went to that event after 6 years, and man, there are so many changes! This time I went late, I used to go very early before (about noon) because I was in school. But now that I'm a college girl 8D I went to the event at 6pm. Obviously before I stayed until 10pm max. Now I stayed until 1am lol. That's mayor change for me, because this time I could presence the Hanabi (fireworks). 

Anyway, let's start from the beginning. The reason why this time I got very late was because I had some test at university until 3pm, so I had to go back home and get done and then go to the event. And the second reason was because that day was sunny as hell, so I didn't want to get burned. Unfortunately, I was hoping the concerts would start late, like years before, but no. This time, the concerts started at 4pm and ended when I arrived :( ARGHHH. I missed lots of bands that I wanted to hear after lots of years, and the worst thing was that they actually played songs I knew (Butterfly, Blurry Eyes, etc). Definitely not lucky. And also, in the past, they would only make a raffle for 1 ticket to Tokyo, this year they gave away 3 tickets!! And one was given before I arrived :( :( I lost my chance OTL.

Anyway, after I realized about that, and tearing a little bit, I decided to enjoy the rest of the event and not regreting the spent of money. By the way, the ticket cost has increased over the past years aswell :/ So... the location of the event was the same: the AELU. But the distribution of the space was lot differente. In past years, the stands would be in the parking lot, and the concerts would be held in the coliseum. This time, the stands were located in some sort of yawn, and the concert was held there too (in some sort of stairs and sits they installed). Hated the new distribution. It was so freaking crowded, omg. I could barely walk through the stands. And I didn't even wanted to eat anything, but you couldn't even walk around. It was dangerous of course. I mean, if something had happened, catastrophy would have ocurred. Gladly, we were lucky enough to pass through the people without any harm or lost.

There were so many stands of food, merchandising, promotional, etc etc. There were also children game and some improvised food court lol. In the end, with my friend Josy (we went together) decided to sit in the stairs to watch the show). They raffled 2 TVs, 2 PSP4 and 2 more tickets to Tokyo. We didn't win a thing :( Definitely, not a lucky day at all. Well, the event was very cultural. The opened and shared sake between the public. It didn't reach us :/.

They played traditional music and fusion music (peruvian and japanese mixed). They danced some traditional dances. In the end they had the public to dance along to some song of the event: "So Omoshiroi, so Omoshiroi, Peru no Matsuri, so Omoshiroi". It was awkward but fun. In the end, the fireworks started around 1am and that was the end of the whole event.

If I come back next year or any year in the future, I will carry my food because they don't really check small bags. And next year I will check better the schedule :( Aaaand I will buy batteries for my camera T_T Mine died inmediately. I couldn't take more than 8 pictures :(. Next time, I will take tons of pictures.


5 de noviembre de 2014

Otakufest 2014

Konnichiwa, minna-san~!

Saturday (November 1st) was the Otakufest 2014, event where they celebrate anime, manga, videogames, comics and more! Basically, lots of geek's stuff lol. So yeah, it's been 4 years since I've attended to one of these events. The reason: I had a horrible experience back in 2010, with some cosplay group. This made me really get away from the otaku comunnity and basically, turn into Kpop (big change, huh?). But, since this year, OF had as one of the arists a Digimon's original singer, I decided to attend.

I arrived at the even pretty late. The event started at 10am, and I arrived at 2.30pm. I felt asleep OTL. Well, when I arrived I realized there wasn't that much of people outside the stadium, but when I entered I could see most of the people where already in the stadium watching some anime specials on screen.

I decided I would go around before sitting. It was years since I've seen cosplayers. I really didn't even remember how to ask them a picture lol. But, after a while I got used to, again. There were very good cosplayers I must say. But, since I haven't watched anime in 4 years (besides Digimon Savers), I didn't recognize most of their characters :(.

What I did recognize was the perfect Charizard that arrived at the venue (1st picture). I didn't hesitate to take a picture with it. I mean, Pokemon was also my childhood. I also spotted a Ren from Vocaloid (4th picture), the kid was such a cutie~ ≧∇≦ 

There was also an Athena from Saint Seiya recent movie (5th picture). And, omg I almost teared when I saw the Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles ;; (6th picture). I would have asked her to take a picture together but I didn't have anyone to take us a picture OTL.

Around 3.30pm I could meet some school's friends. It was so great to seeing them after years ♡. Karaoke's contest started. There were lots of cover of Digimon! I was so glad. There was also a cover from Fullmetal Alchemist (Kesenai Tsumi), anime that really marked me.

Then, it was turn for the Cosplay Runway. All the cosplayers would go through the runway, and there would be a winner as Individual Cosplay and Cosplay duo. Out of nowhere, more cosplayers appeared. I wanted to take pictures of them, but I was afraid my camera's battery would die before the concert.

So after the Cosplay runway was over, my friend Evelyn and her lolita community gave the public a speech about the lolita fashion. After it, I decided to hurry to the stands before staying in the reil until the concert. The shops in the stands were like how I remembered. I wanted to buy a Palmon plushie, but I couldn't find one :(.

Most anime stores where there, but also some comic's stores (Marvel, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Xmen) and other geek's store (Star Wars, Lego, videogames). After I ended my quick visit through the stands, I hurried to the stadium again. I wanted to take a good spot for the concerts.

First, It was Band Contest. Three bands performed and played three songs each. I was so glad I could listen to several themes I knew: Haruka Kanata (Naruto), Rewrite (Fullmetal Alchemist), Pegasus Fantasy (Saint Seiya), etc. Again, I didn't film or take pictures because I was afraid I wouldn't have memory or batteries for Ayumi Miyazaki's concert. And, I need to mention that I got first row after waiting for like one hour in the reil. My friend were sitting in the stairs of the stadium, so I was kind of by my own. Gladly, I could make one friend (the girl in purple in the last picture). But I forgot to ask her name or facebook OTL.

After Band contest was over, the Pegasus band played. They played like 6 or more songs. They played 3 themes from Digimon, some themes from Dragon Ball, one from Saint Seiya and other themes I didn't recognize. I must say, I really shouted like crazy with every song I knew. I wanted to enjoy the most every second of the event in order to make my money worth it lol.

Finally, it was turn for Ayumi Miyazakai, Halko Momoi and Yoko Ishida's performance. But, I have already written about them in another entry. If you wanna read it, click here.

The event was really fun. I don't know if I would comeback for another in the future, it would depend of the artists they might bring. And what I now know is that I want to watch anime again. At least I will watch Digimon Adventure 03 and Durarara 2.

Also, surfing on facebook, I could find this picture of me in first row at the concerts of the event, so I stole it lol. Can you spot me? I look so happy haha.

Well, that's all for today. Have a nice week!

2 de noviembre de 2014

Ayumi Miyazaki, Halko Momoi and Yoko Ishida


It's me again. Yesterday was one of the days I've been waiting the most in the whole year: Otakufest 2014. The reason: I would finally be able to listen to the original singer of the evolution themes of Digimon: Ayumi Miyazaki. Actually, I've been wanting to listen to Kouji Wada since 2010 (I bought my ticket to his concert, but he wasn't able to perform). He cancelled three times his events in Lima, because of his disease (he has cancer) :(. So Ayumi is the closest person related to the Digimon original franchise. And when I heard he was coming, I decided I needed to go. But I didn't buy my ticket until they departured from Japan lol (I was kind of afraid they might cancel it again).

Anyway, November 1st arrived and I woke up late lol. I fell asleep dunno how. I got changed quickly and arrived at the event at 2.30pm. In this entry I will write only about the concert of Ayumi Miyazaki, Halko Momoi and Yoko Ishida. Next entry will be about the rest of the event.

So~ At 4.40pm I placed myself in front row and waited. I need to mention that I was brave enough to went to the concert in high heels lol (stupid, too). But I don't regret it, because I was really tall and I was more notorious because of it. I went light-weight. I took only a small purse with me: my camera, cellphone, lightstick (Bigbang's lol), glasses, money and my ticket.

Around 8:20pm Ayumi Miyazaki appeared on stage. He started the show with Beat Hit (Digimon Adventure 02, evolution theme). I was so happy I reviewed lots of his songs from the anime Digimon before the show. I think I was one of the fews that knew that song. I was jumping like crazy, and when Ayumi noticed me, he eye-smiled. I must have looked very funny lol. The next song was The Last Element, again, I was one of the fews that knew it. After he ended the song, he went to our side to pick up some bottle of water. I shouted out loud: "Aishiteru!!" (I love you in japanese). I didn't expect it to be quiet when I did it, but it was. So Ayumi heard, and he pretended he didn't hear and say: "¿Cómo? ¿Cómo?" (what, what? in spanish). I then became shy and hide with the girl next to me. After that, he would look at me a lot of times and blinked and smiled at me ♡.

He gave a few words (he had a translator) before singing one song he wrote for Digimon's tenth anniversary. He then sang two more songs (from his personal album). He then sang Target (Digimon Adventure 02, opening). I was surprised he would sing that song, but happy at the same time. Again, I was jumping like a little child. After it, he received a peruvian flag with his name written on it. He said: "Gracias!" (Thank you in spanish). He said he was so glad he was making this tribute to Kouji Wada aswell. He then sang Biggest Dreamer (Digimon Tamers, opening). The crowd was so excited just like me. I love all the openings from Digimon, but Digimon Tamers is the series I remember the most from my childhood. After he ended that song, we all screamed "Ayumi, Ayumi, Ayumi", to which he laughed.

He then talked to us one more time, saying he was so happy he came to Peru. He also mentioned about the next Digimon series that would come next year (Digimon Adventure 03, yay!) and was glad most of us knew about it. Finally, he said this was his last song: Brave Heart (Digimon Adventure 01, evolution theme). I laughed when he screamed: "Agumon SHINKA!!". He also screamed: "Los quiero mucho" (I love you a lot, in spanish). Omg, how much I love this song, I killed my throat screaming: "Show me your brave heart!". And by the end of the song, he lend to us to touch our hands. I didn't doubt before climbing the grille to take his hand. I was able to touch his hand, yay! He then thanked us in japanese and left. 

I was sad because he didn't sing Butterfly (Digimon Adventure 01, opening). But I still had some hope he would come back.

Next performance was Halko Momoi. She was really kawaii (cute in japanese), to a level I didn't know if she was pretending or if it was her real self. But oh well, she could portray it very nice, didn't seem fake to me. She sang Summer Love, Love exe and some songs from Power Rangers. She also did some seiyuu, as Seto-chan (still don't know what anime is that from).

Just like Ayumi, she also received a peruvian flag with her name on it. And, I also need to mention that behind me was a girl cosplayed as a power ranger, and Momoi noticed her. She said: "Sugoi, sugoi!" (amazing). She even borrowed her helmet for a song. The cosplayer must have felt really good.

And when it was her last song, I was really shocked when I heard "God Knows" from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. This one of the animes that was really famous on my high school days. So, I sang along with her. After it, she said "Arigato" one more time and left.

Next performance was Yoko Ishida. I also didn't do a previous research on her. I only knew that she sang some themes from Sailor Moon (anime which I don't like). But oh well. When she started, I also like meh... until she noticed me with my lightstick and smiled and waved at me. Lol, I'm such an easy girl. She gained my heart with that. I then cheared for her evern though I didn't know any of the songs she sang (I just pretended I knew and moved my lightstick with the song's melody). Her next song was also some from Sailor Moon, this time I took my camera to film her and she noticed me one more time and made a peace sign to my camera and waved at me again. So lovely~  ≧∇≦

She sang one more song from Sailor Moon, one opening from Shakugan no Shana and two more songs from other animes I can't remember their names. She then started to make some pura pura dance. She looked cute doing them, in despite of her age. I wonder how japanese girls can be that cute? I'm almost a boy when it comes to behaviour. I guess I'm not made for a girly actitude.

And just like Halko Momoi and Ayumi Miyazaki, Yoko also received a flag with her name in it. She said: "Muchas gracias" (Thanks a lot, in spanish). She, in my opinion, was the most happy with the opportunity to come to Peru. She told us that when she was in USA, she met some peruvian dancer, and ever since that she wanted to come to Peru. And after some years, she had the opportunity to sing in Lima, so she was very happy she could accomplish that wish. She also knew lots of phrases in spanish: "Canta conmigo" (sing with me), "Yo siempre quise verlos" (I always wanted to meet you), "Los quiero mucho" (I love you a lot), "Baila conmigo" (Sin along with me), "Me gusta beber cerveza" (I like to drink beer).

Finally, she sang some theme I didn't expected aswell: The opening from Neon Genesis Evangelion (A cruel Angel's Thesis). She did it with some dance. Very nice performance. I was glad I knew at least that song. Omg, I think it was fate since weeks before the Otakufest, I downloaded than song and listened to it a lot.

So after the song was over, she also said "Arigato" and left. We all started to chant: "Encore!" (One more song).

And for our delight, the three of them appeared one more time. Ayumi Miyazaki spoke with her lama plushie in japanese lol. The three of them brought their peruvian flags with them. The said to us they were glad we screamed for a last song. And also said they wanted to come with Kouji Wada in the future, if possible. Something inside me said the last song was going to be Butterfly, when they mentioned Kouji Wada. And it was confirmed when they screamed: "Butterfly!!".

I almost cry when I heard it ♡. This was the song I was waiting for the most. Ayumi started the song and he looked at our side a lot. I had eyecontact with him lots of times during this song. I bet he found funny the fact that I was jumping and singing very excited, almost like possesed lol. Momoi sang the next part, she didn't know the lyrics, so she looked at the paper with the lyrics that was in the floor lol.

Yoko was the one with the best part in my opinion: "Dakedo wow wow wow wow". Everybody in the event sang very loud that part. Finally, the chorus was sang by the three of them: "Mugendai na yume no ato no". I screamed from heart every part of the song. Seriously, I love it a lot!! You guys have no idea.

By the end of the song, the three of them came to the runway. I step on the reil again in order to reach their hands. Yoko Ishida once again noticed me, and stretch to reach my hand. I was the only who she handshaked. I felt so happy and thankful to her.

Finally, the song was over. They took a picture with everyone in the runway as a memory. They thanked to us one last time and left. I felt so content after it was over. I didn't even remember that my feet hurt a lot until the concert was over. The wait and the money was all worth it. I accomplish one of my wishes yesterday. It was definetely one of those days I won't never forget ♡.

Finally, I leave you guys with a video I found of Ayumi Miyazaki's performance of Brave Heart. You can see a yellow lightstick in the left... that's me lol. You can also see when he handshaked with us. Definetely one of the best moments of the event.

That's all for today. Have a nice week!
Andreamon ☾