31 de octubre de 2014

Happy Halloween!


Yesterday was fun because I went to the movies with my friend Josy :) We wanted to watch The Maze Runner but in the movie theater we went it was not available :( So, since we were already there, we watched Dracula Untold.

It was a good movie, indeed. I was kind of worried they would use horses for battle scenes (most of them get hurt or die during filming). Gladly there was only one scene with a horse in a battle and it didn't look dangerous for the horse. I didn't have high expectations for the movie itself, only was kind of intrigated by the trailer. But, after watching it, I highly recommend it.

Although, Josy and I are still in doubt about the genre of the movie. Because it is suppose to be a little scary, but we laughed a lot. Maybe because it was better to laugh than cry of fear? lol

Josy actually wanted to watch Annabelle. But since I'm a chicken, we didn't watch it. At least we took some pictures with the movie's poster lol. I mean, we didn't plan to take any picture that day (I mean, who takes a camera to the movies? lol). So we could only take some shitty quality pictures with my Nokia's camera and Josy's tablet's front camera lol.

Actually, Annabelle's poster was really cool lol. Hopefully she won't come and hunt me :( I have a little dog to take care of, lol. Okay, so that's all for today.

Happy Halloween to everyone!

25 de octubre de 2014

[Fan account] Mblaq in Peru 12.06.2014

Hello~ I'm writing again. I've decided to post all my fan accounts once for all. Some will be recent, others will be really old. But anyways, I'm doing this so I can have this as my diary and in future years, I can go back to read them :) So, let's start with a not so old fan experience: Mblaq arrival to Lima, Peru.

It was June 12th, 6.00am. I knew Mblaq was arriving that day, didn't know what time, tho. I was really nervous because I had to work during the whole day. But it wasn't so bad since at that time I worked at Jorge Chavez Airport. So I hurried up to get done and to take the bus to work. In the bus I searched for some news of their arrival. There was: Mblaq was arriving at around 10:00am. I got even more nervous.

When I arrived at the airport, I saw like 100+ fans waiting already. They were very loudy. My coworkers were like used to them. I just hurried to my office. I remember my boss didn't came that day, but I had to work like usual. Around 9.30am I had some problem with my PC, so I had to ask some IT guy to get it fixed. I decided to take advantage of that time, to go to take the Money Exchange rate (one of my functions).

So I went down to the 1st floor of the airport. And head to the International Arrivals (where one of the Money Exchange stores was). The screams of the fans were so loud. I remember getting nervous because of them. I can't imagine how idols might feel when they have to face all those noisy and crazy fans.

I passed the main door, by showing my access card. I laughed inside because the security guy must have thought I was one of the fans who was trying to enter, without permission. Anyway, I got to the control door. And there were 2 colleagues. I asked them, what's all that noise about? (lol Like I didn't know). They told me: It's because a Korean band. I just say: Oh~. After they got checked, they entered to the International Arrivals area. Then, the security lady checked me (they look for any weapons). And I remember she told me "they are very loud, aren't they?" (refering to the crazy screams). And I just laughed and agree to her. I'm wondering if she also thought I was a fan lol.

After she was done with the checking, she let me pass. I thanked her and entered. I crossed the gate and I remember I checked my cellphone before looking up... And there was Mblaq. Everything happened like in slow motion. The first one I saw was Mir. He was like a few steps ahead of me. He was really handsome that day. Unfortunately for me he was wearing his sunglasses. Behind him was Thunder, he also had sunglasses :(. He looked chubbier than I thought. Behind him was Seungho and G.O. Both also had sunglasses :/.

While I was approaching to them (because they were in my way to enter the area), I faced Mir because I didn't know which way to go (to the right or to the left). It would have been really helpful if Thunder told me which way to go like in the song Monalisa lol.

So, when I was deciding which way to go, the last guy on the row looked up to see who was moving funny in front of them. Then I could see Lee Joon's eyes. He gave me a curious face. He was wearing a cup and a hoodie, but with no sunglasses. He was so handsome, omg. I really don't know how I remained so quite like I didn't know who they were. Before I passed them, I smiled (like I do to everybody at the airport) and gave a quick look to all of them. Then I looked to the front and walked like nothing happened.

When they finally passed me, I could see my 2 colleagues. They were like: "It's them!", pointing them at me (lol, like I didn't knew). I acted as I didn't know and turn around to looked at their backs as they made their way through the main door. With my 2 colleagues listened to the screams. OMG, they were so loud. It gave me the chills. Then, we just left to our ways.

I did what I went down for, and left that area. I took the Exchange Rate in other 3 points of the airport and went back to the office. On my way, I started shaking, like finally realizing what just have happened. I blushed and started texting my little sister, telling her everything. She was so shocked and happy for me. It was really a lucky day for me, because I didn't plan anything, it just happened this way. Thank, God.

Well, that was my experience with Mblaq. Unfortunately I couldn't take any picture of them or film anything since I'm not allowed to during my work time. But, the whole experience will remain in my memory ♡. Did I mention before Joon and Mir are my favorites in the group? lol

That's all for today. Hope I can keep writing this often. 

Andrea ☾

24 de octubre de 2014

[Fan account] Park Jungmin in Lima 19.10.2014

Hello~ ♡

This is my 2nd fan account of Jungmin's stay in Lima. Here we go:

I arrived at Tambo hotel at 9am aprox. My friend Josy was already there, just like 20 other fans. The morning passed and more fans came to the hotel. Around 12m, someone from the organizers announced the Fanmeeting with PJM was canceled. We were all shocked. I started texting my friends who were going to the event. I felt so sad, I couldn't believe it. I won't explain the reasons of the cancelation, because until now they are unknown. There are lots of positions and rumors, so I prefer to remain impartial.

Around 4.30pm we saw some PJM's dancers going somewhere. My friend Josy made me follow him lol. She was like hypnotized. Anyway, we arrived at his hotel (PJM and staff stayed in 2 hotels). We saw them in the lobby talking at the counter. I realized they were preparing to leave the hotel, so basically, going back to Korea. I grabbed my friend and said: "Let's go to the airport RIGHT NOW. THEY ARE LEAVING!". Josy didn't want to believe it. I said again it was better for us to take the bus now, than taking the taxi later, because of the money expent.

So, after dragging my friend, we found ourselves at the bus, on our way to the airport. We arrived at 6.30pm. After looking around we only found a group of fans waiting aswell. Around 7pm I found some other friends. We gathered and start searching around the hotel. 8pm and there were already 50+ fans in the airport. 9pm and we were over 100 fans. I think all the fans that were waiting in the event's place, after being told the event was cancelled, hurried to the airport. 

My friend told me Jungmin left the hotel at 6.30pm, and later they were spoted at Rustica restaurant. So, after making some calculations, I decided to wait until 11pm max. I was already tired, and I saw him the day before, so I would only wait until that hour. With some friends decided to wait for him outside the airport. But they left, and at 10.40pm only Josy and I were waiting in our strategic spot. Suddenly, 20+ fans appeared. I cursed, because I knew they wouldn't behave correctly.

And then, the bus of PJM arrived. It looked liked everybody called their friends, because out of nowhere there were 50+ fans waiting for Jungmin to come out of the bus in the place we were waiting. 

Jungmin was seating in the middle seat. He was hidden besides the courtains of the bus. After all the dancers and the staff came out, Jungmin opened the courtains and started to waved at us. OMG, he was so considerated to do that. The bus suddenly started to move, in order to park better. Then, Jungmin stood up and came out of the car.  I was lucky enough to have eyecontact with him again. He had a sad smile, but he kept waving at us. Really, this man is so kind! He then took another red car and left.

I dragged my friend to the check in entry. One of the benefits of have worked in the airport is that I already know it as my house lol. So we were outside of the check in, waiting for him to appeared. But suddenly the dancers and staff of Jungmin came out of the check in. My friend dragged me again with them lol. They were with the police. I knew it was a distraction, but my friend held hands with a dancer so we couldn't leave lol. 

After 15 minutes, the dancers and staff went inside the check in one more time. We then realized Jungmin was already inside the check in. Nobody saw how he entered.

Thank God I have a camera with a 12x zoom. I could film Jungmin inside the check in area the whole time, with a good resolution. Unfortunately, I won't be able to upload my fancams because they weight too much and my internet speed is very low.

Anyway, first we were looking at him from outside the airport (check in area has glass windows).  But since we couldn't see that much, with my friend went to another area were we could see him better.

Once again, I thank my camera for its great resolution. I could see Jungmin's expressions better with it. Jungmin saw there were fans looking at him from far and he waved at us. He is such a nice and humble person, I swear. After these 2 days, that's my impression of him.

We were like 10 girls looking in the spot Josy and I were. They started to shout at him: ROMEO! and SEXY CHARISMA! And he starting laughing. Omg, so cute. Then he asked the girls to remain quite. I later realized I could have shout something to him in Korean, like: We will miss you, or You're handsome. But I was so shocked and abstracted with him that I didn't even say a word, again.

Then with my friend, realized where we where at that time, wasn't the best position to wait for him. So we run to another strategic position (lol) and we waited there. After 10 minutes, we could see Jungmin and his crew coming out of the check in, with help of the National Police.

At that moment, I feared of Jungmin's safety. Outside of the check in area were like 50 fans trying to reach him, touch him, take pictures of him. And most of them weren't the type of good behavior girls.

Surprisingly, Jungmin looked very calm and amuzed about it. He was smiling even though he was so tight with the police officers and the staff around him. I bet he was trying to keep himself cheered up for the fans :(

So, Jungmin came closer and closer to the place Josy and I were. My heart started to run faster lol. But I don't know if it was because of the emotion of having him again so close, or because there were coming lots of fans against me (and the chance of dying because of them was high lol).

Fortunately, I was strong and lucky enough to not get hurt by the other fans. And I could see Jungmin past in front of him one more time. I only filmed in the beginning, but then turned off my camera in order to see him with my bare eyes and not through the camera. While going up, he looked at me, I looked at him, and he smiled. Such a calm and sincere smile ♡. I couldn't film that moment, because of the emotion, but it's in my memory :)

During his way up the electric stairs, Jungmin had a staff member in front of him, screaming to the fans in Korean to move out (in the second floor were waiting over 100 fans). And another staff who was next to Jungmin pushed all the fans that tried to touch him (well deserved). He didn't do anything to me because I only saw him, didn't try to touch him like other crazy fans.

After he reached the second floor through the electric stairs, he made his way to the Concourse. My friend and I followed him until we couldn't more. There were over thousands of fans in the Control door, and obviously it was a madness.

After Jungmin entered, he waited in the door and starting to say goodbye to everyone. Once again, charming!! Finally, he left. His flight was at 1.40am to Los Angeles, but he entered around midnight.

We then left the place. My friend and I were so happy. Once again we were able to see him successfully. I think God was by our side these past 2 days. I'm very thankful for these experiences. And I'm also very thankful to Jungmin, because he remained such caring for his fans all the time, dispite of the whole situation. I wish him the best in his future projects. Hopefully I can see him again when I travel to Korea.

Well, this is the end of the fan account. If you want to read the first fan account of Jungmin's stay in Lima, you can click here.

Have a nice weekend ♡

22 de octubre de 2014

[Fan Account] Park Jungmin in Lima 18.10.2014


Today I'm going to write my first of two fan account of Park Jungmin (from SS501) in Lima, Peru.

It was Saturday 11am, my las midterm exam was over, and I went to the bathroom to get ready to meet my friends. We had decided to meet in order to plan our strategy to get a picture with Jungmin. He was supposed to have that Saturday afternoon a concert in Chile. So he would probably arrive in Lima at night. But, when I took the bus and took out my cellphone to check it, I read a message from my friend: "JUNGMIN IS ALREADY IN LIMA. HE IS IN MIRAFLORES". I was in shock. How was that possible? He had a concert in Chile. I inmediately started to panic and text my two friends. We agreed to meet at Kennedy park, in Miraflores.

When I arrived and met my friend Fio, she told me that he had arrived about 8am and the source said he was in Miraflores. So after my other friend, Josy, arrived, we decided to look out for hotels around Miraflores. We found Estellar hotel and there were a bunch of Triple S. Apparently he was staying there. We decided to wait until we could see him. We wait until lunch time, we decided to go to have a quick lunch near by in order to regain forces lol.

But, when we came back, there was no fan anymore. We shocked. What happened to them? We assumed Jungmin went out to visit some places around. So we hurried to several places around: Larcomar mall, Kennedy park, several craft stores, etc... but we found nothing. We then decided to ask some friends for any news. Fortunately, a friend told me he was not in Estellar hotel but in Tambo hotel. We rushed there (luckyly is just blocks away). And then we saw all the fans there. We definitely was there.

There were like 100 fans waiting outside the hotel. We decided to wait. Around 7.30pm we could spot PJM through the glasses of the lobby, he was taking the elevator. Kind as usual, he waved at us. Around 8.00pm, he left with his dancers in three cars. With my friend Josy, decided to take a taxi to follow him.

Thank God, the taxi driver was experienced enough to follow his car correctly. Even during a light traffic stop, our taxi park besides Jungmin's car, and we were face to face with him. Josy and I just looked at him. Josy waved at first, but then stopped. And I hid my smiley face with my hand. Jungmin waved at first, but then he didn't know if we were fans or not because we were just staring, not even shouting/saying his name lol. We are so quite and respectful. We only wanted to see him. 

Unfortunately, because of the rush, neither one of us had a camera. Only Josy had a tablet with poor quality :( So, we couldn't film anything. We really could take a selfie with him (in the traffic light stop) if we have had a good camera :( Jungmin is always so kind, he would have gladly accepted. But oh well, next time, I won't leave home without my camera OTL

So then, we arrived at the restaurant he was supposed to have dinner: La Bistecca (Pasta & Grill). We ran to see how he entered to the restaurant. He onced again waved at us with a smile. He stood in the entry for like 3 minutes before entering. So nice of him!! After he dissapeared from our sight, I realized I was shaking of excitement. I hugged my friend because we managed to see him, after years of waiting ♡.

I planned to stay outside, waiting for him. But, my friend Josy had other plans lol. She asked the waitress if we needed a reservation, and she said no. So after 5 minutes, we were inside the restaurant lol. Jungmin was in another floor. We ordered juice and dessert. Actually, I was really hungry, so getting inside the restaurant came in handy.

After 1 hour, we went out the restaurant, and with full stomaches, we waited for Jungmin. Around 11pm, he went out the restaurant in his car. Once again, he greeted at us with a smile. Later, he left. 

My friend and I started to walk to take our buses to go home. We were so happy for this amazing experience. It was completely worth it. He was such a good person, just like how we imagined. Next day was the concert, so we head home to rest in order to see him once again tomorrow. This time, we will bring our cameras lol

Well, that was my fan account. I hope to find some videos other fans filmed of Jungmin at the restaurant so I can share them here. Tomorrow I will try to upload my second fan account, this one will have LOTS of pictures haha.

Take care,
Andrea ☾

11 de octubre de 2014

30 Seconds to Mars in Peru


I think i've been blessed or something these past 2 days, because of the followings things: I got to take 2 pictures with Tomo Milicivec (he signed one), got to handshake with Shannon Leto and saw Jared Leto and got filmed by him twice. I can die happy now. Let's start how this whole adventure began.

It was October 8th and I was studying for my midterms exams. I was deep down very anxious because I knew 30 seconds to mars was going to come in any moment. So, I decided to check some flights and use my knowledge to predict at what time would they come to Lima, Peru. After some research, if my calcs were correct they would come from Quito at 8.50pm. So I decided to study until 6.30pm. 

At 8.20pm I was already at the airport (I live close, luckily). There was a considerate amount of people waiting. Around 100 people. So I decided to wait... It was 9.00pm at there was people moving closer to the main door of International Arrivals. I took a safe place to take some polaroids (I didn't take with me my digital camera, only my Instax Mini 8). So after some minutes, Shannon Leto appeared through the door. He waved at us, before getting inside his bus. Tomo Milicevic followed him, he waved very quickly and got inside the van. Finally, Jared Leto appeared. He waved at us, he was going to go inside the van, but he stopped and decided to film us. He then took some Mars Peru flag and kept waving at us. 

I managed to take 3 polaroids. Sadly, since it was my first time taking photos with my Instax Mini, they all came very dark OTL. The first one I took was when Jared just came through the door. The second one I took it when he was filming us. The third one was when he was grabbing the flag. After he gave back the flag, he came towards my side to wave us aswell. I bet he could spot us because I got my huge pink camera haha.

While Jared was getting all the attention, Tomo and Shannon were waving inside the van (they opened the back door to see us better ♡ ). After Jared entered the van, they left. I was so happy with just that, so I was heading to the bus stop when I saw some girls asking for 2 more girls to take a group taxi and go to the hotel. I didn't think twice and got myself inside the taxi. Kind of risky I know, but whatever.

So, we where 7 girls in the taxi heading to the Miraflores Park Hotel. I was hoping to get there before the band, but our taxi was to slow -_-. In the end we arrived safe and we saw another 50 people waiting outside of the hotel aswell. I went to check in the near by, and when I came the guys were screaming. I ran close to them and found Shannon Leto handshaking everyone. I also put my hand in the queue lol He shaked my hand very softly and smiled. He is so handsome, omg! He then went inside the hotel's restaurant to have dinner. We all were so happy. We couldn't believe we saw him so close and handshaked his hand ♡

So then, we kept waiting for Tomo or Jared to come out aswell. Anyway, it was less than 10pm, so we could wait longer... But then it was 11pm, 12pm, and any of the them came out. We were only 20 or less by then. I was about to leave aswell, but I make some friends there so I waited a little more with them. I decided to go around the hotel, just to check. And when I came back, I saw everyone again gathered. I came closer and I saw Tomo! He was taking selfies with everyone and signing stuff. So, I found my chance. I took my Instax Mini and I waited until my turn. Sadly, since I'm not still an expert with selfshots in the Instax Mini, I asked a friend to take a picture for me. Tomo was so nice when I asked to take a picture and to look at the camera. The camera printed, and I thanked both my friend and Tomo. I then realized I didn't have pen or paper to get a sign. I only had my polaroid. Then I realized that Tomo could sign it. I came close to him again and asked him if he could sign the polaroid. He accepted with a smile. I thanked again. 

Between the round of pictures, we were all asking him questions. So, I took my nokia and filmed him. I asked if he had tried quinoa. He said yes! twice!. I was so glad :). I was about to ask for what dish, but he was busy taking more pictures, so I just let it pass... He asked if we were all going to the show next day, we all screamed YES!. He smiled. Then I realized I also wanted to take a digital picture with him, but I only had my nokia's camera... Fortunately, my friend Leyla offered to take a photo of Tomo and me with her camera. I once again came closer to Tomo and ask him for another photo. He accepted once again. After than I thanked him and decided to wait just for him to say goodbye. Before leaving, he said: It's time to go to bed. Bye. We all shouted THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! See you tomorrow!

When he left, we all shouted because we were so happy. We were so lucky twice that day!. After that, we all decided it was time to let them sleep. Before leaving, we could spot Jared on the lobby of the first floor. But since he didn't seem to come out, we left. Luckily, I made some friends I could go back home with. I came back home at 1.40am. Really tired, but happy. Next day was the concert.

On October 9th, I had to work mid day, then I had classes at the university. I finished all that at 7pm. Then, I ran to the Parque de la Exposicion, place where the concert was going to held. I met with my friend Josy. at 8pm aproximately. We both talked about the airport the day before and how charm the all three members were. 

At 11pm, after the concert finished, we ran to the back door of the concert, hoping to see the guys leave in their van. Seriously, we were only waited to see them wave through the glass of the van... But, before we realized, there were Tom, Shannon and Jared coming to greet us. We were about 80 people outside and the madness began. Luckily I grabbed myself from the metal door in order not to fall over. Thank god I ate before going there. I was strong enough to handle the 5 minutes madness. Shannon wasn't completely happy just by greeting us, so he climbed the metal door in order to greet all of us. While everyone was shouting at him, I could spot Jared behind, getting his iphone ready. Jared also climbed the metal door, and once again, filmed us all lol.

I was unable to make any symbol with my hands because both of them were busy holding myself and my bag between the people. At least I could scream when Jared was filming us all. Tomo was behind watching all the madness behind. I loved the fact that Jared and Shannon had ponchos and chullos (peruvian tradition clothing). It definitely fits them.

After being climbed up for about 5 minutes, they went down and head to their van. Then, they left. My friend and I hugged each other because we could get to see them. We won't forget Jared's big blue eyes, nor Shannon's sexiness. 

After receiving Jesus-Jared's bless, we both head our homes to rest happily after that amazing experience. We wanted to say goodbye to them, but since we had schedule during the day, it was impossible. Anyway, we were already happy for that experience.

And if you want to check out Jared's video of that moment at the door, you can click here. That's all for today. I will try to write more often. Next week, I have my mid term exams, so I will be off this week.

Take care~

4 de octubre de 2014

Comeback (?)


Había dejado esto tan olvidado... Nuevamente he estado sin tiempo para nada, por lo que dejé mi blog más abandonado que nunca, considerando que este es el primer post del año, y ya casi estamos en el 2015. Anyway, seguiré escribiendo por acá cada vez que encuentre huecos de tiempo, y volveré a pensar el tipo de blog que quisiera realizar. No sé si haré de este blog algo así como una bitácora de vida, más que nada porque hago muchas cosas, pero tengo poco tiempo para escribir de todas las cosas que hago. No sé si haré de este blog un blog de reviews de cosméticos, pues tampoco me da tiempo para tomarle fotos a los productos antes de abrirlos y usarlos. No sé si haré de este blog un blog de outfits/fashion/photoshoots, más que nada porque ando sin cámara un buen tiempo ya que las pilas murieron hace mucho... En fin, creo que depende mucho de las ganas que le ponga y la motivación que tenga para seguir escibiendo más que el tiempo, que siempre será una limitante, al menos hasta que me gradúe -sigh-

Bueno, en este post, solo quería comentar 3 cosas que han definido prácticamente mi 2014 en lo que va del año. En primer lugar, soy vegetariana desde hace casi 8 meses ♡ y estoy en proceso de ser vegana. Las razones las daré en un blog futuro, pero solo quisiera decir que es una de las decisiones que más me ha marcado en la vida y que me hizo replantear muchas cosas en mi vida.

En segundo lugar, tengo una adicción por superar con el azúcar. Creo que nunca lo llegué a publicar por acá, pero desde el 2012 vengo batallando con esta adicción, con la que quizás muchas personas (en especial mujeres) se sientan identificadas. Igualmente, hablaré de esto en un futuro post, pero solo quiero decir que ha causado muchos estragos en mi cuerpo (acné, nivel de grasa corporal, etc.), por lo que estoy en proceso de mejora personal respecto a ese tema. Por suerte soy vegetariana, sino ya sería obesa :(

En tercer lugar, estuve trabajando en el aeropuerto Jorge Chávez por 6 meses. Esa es una de las razones por las que también abandoné este blog. Trabajar y estudiar... es verdaderamente difícil! Extraño mis días de estudiante normal, en las que mi única preocupación era solo sacar 20s jaja. Ok, quizás no tanto así. Pero si bien he andado muy ocupada estos seis meses, he aprendido mucho, por lo cual estoy muy agradecida. Además he logrado juntar una cantidad de dinero que me ha permitido recuperar mi economía, luego de haber gastado literalmente todos mis ahorros con 2 perritas que rescaté de las calles. Y creo que lo que más me ha gustado de mi trabajo ha sido el hecho de que pude ver a Mblaq de cerca fgjldfg ♡ Haré fanaccount pronto, más como record para mí.

Finalmente, compartiré unas fotos de 2 outfits que usé en la semana. Estoy volviendo a usar falda después de meses!! He estado usando pantalones casi todo el año, y ya me estaba olvidando cuántos shorts y faldas tengo guardados, esperando lucirse jaja. Reciéntemente fui de compras a Forever 21, ahí compré esta falda gris y el polo rojo. 

Ya que pronto llegará el verano acá en Perú, volveré a usar toda la ropa de verano que compré este año y que nunca usé jaja Espero poder controlar el tema de la adicción con el azúcar, recuperar mi peso ideal y lucir más mi ropa. Asimismo, me gustaría renovar el layout de mi blog, tantas cosas y menos de 2 meses para acabar el año! Espero darme el tiempo para todo.

Nos leemos! Que tengan un buen día :)