25 de mayo de 2013

Black Suede Creepers


It's me again. I've been in exams so I couldn't update anything. But, during mid-term exams I happened to see something amazing: I saw SNSD's advertisement in a very well-known avenue of my city. And this avenue happens to be near my university and home lol Is it faith? Well, I take the same bus everyday to get to university and last week, I saw this big and new advertisement of a watch and somehow I payed attention to the models and they were Yoona, Seohyun and Tiffany from GG. And I was like OMG!! I couldn't help to smile and laugh inside the bus. I didn't have a camera so I waited until this week to take a picture of it.

And well, recently I've got my black suede creepers! I've been wanting a pair of these since years and I finally have a pair :) And I love them! Main reason: they make me 4 cms taller lol. It would be perfect if they were very comfortable to use, but I must say they are somehow tough. They hurt my feet when I use them and they are my size. But, I guess it's because they are new shoes so it will take me a while to get use to them. Hopefully they will get as comfortable as sneakers soon.

Anyway, I leave you some coordinates I used recently with my creepers. I still have LOTS of ideas of coordinates for my creepers ^^ But, I also need to buy some other things to compliment my outfits. My wishlist is loooong and I don't have the enough money to cover them all :( But somehow I'm managing to get what I want with real effort :) But, K-pop concerts are really interfering lol Recently Super Junior came, now I need to get the money for U-kiss and DBSK also confirmed they were coming so... I really need to save more money.

Well, that's for today. Take a lot of care. Bye~

12 de mayo de 2013

Review: Etude House Green Tea Nose Pack


Well, I'm here with another quick review. This time I'm reviewing Etude House Green Tea Nose pack. I bought a couple of nose patch of different brands in order to get rid of some black and white pores I have. So I decided to try this out since it's very known.

First of all, let's see what the pack says:

You open the packing and you will get this green nose patch. The darker one is the one you put facing your nose. The side showed in the picture below is the one that is visible when you stick it in your face. The patch smells nice, I must say.

So you take the patch out of the transparent paper and put it in your nose. Directions says to wait until it's dry. So I waited around 20 minutes before I took it off. It actually kind of burn my face while I was waiting. So I freaked out because I was scared It could damage my skin (I broke out few days before I tried it, so I was worried about my pimples.).

Anyway, somehow I managed to wait 20 minutes of burn and I took the patch off. It kinda hurt, but less than the burn. The look wasn't that nice, because I had some residues on my nose. Maybe I should've wait longer? Who knows. I wipe my nose with cotton and some toner and then this was the final result:

Score: 2/5

Review: I got this for $2, kind of cheap. But I really expected something else. I mean, it kind of clean some white pores. Maybe with constant use you could get better results, but the inmediate effect is basically none.

Repurchase?: No. I still have some patches I wanna try.

Well, that's it. Hope this helped in your next bought. See ya :)