28 de septiembre de 2013

Review: Elishacoy's Vita Capsule Cleanser

Hi, guys! I'm back after a long break lol. Well, today I'm gonna review a new Korean product. This time is Elishacoy's Vita Capsule Cleanser. I tried the 4ml presentation just to give it a try. It lasted me for four uses. Well, let's read the statements of this product, first:

Silky foam eliminates dirt, makeup residue, and unnecessary dead skin cells from skin and 10 different complex vitamin capsules provide nourishment for healthy and refreshed skin tone. “Vita Capsule Cleanser” to cleanse pores and to improve skin complexion. Perfect cleansing! Nourishing cleanser will provide energy and vitality for fatigued skin! 

  • 10 different vitamin complex (Vita Complex – 10) capsules break gently when using the 3D Spin Cleaner. They cleanse and provide vitamins to skin for healthy and vital skin tone. 
  • Contains soap leaf and root extract which creates foam just like soap, to develop silky foam as soft and rich as fresh cream each time the 3D Spin Cleaner rotates. Soft bubbles cover skin to gently eliminate dirt lodged in pores while exfoliating dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and beautiful. 
  • Ceramide 3 and aloe vera leaf juice that protect skin provide moisture to dull and fatigued skin so skin is soft and smooth after cleansing, without the sensation of tightness or dryness. 
  • Rich and soft bubbles like fresh cream lower skin irritation, and provide perfect cleansing even when used along with 3D spin cleaner.

How to use:
Step 1: Wet palms and create lather.
Step 2: Meticulously massage through skin and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

I used it for four times, so I think I kind of know how to use this cleanser. I followed the instruccions but it didn't remove completely my makeup (just BBcream). I still had to  take the rest of makeup with a cotton pad so I wouldn't say it's so effective. Plus it leaved my skin dry. And my skin type is oily so I wouldn't recommend it for dry skin people. But I also have to say that this is recommended to use it with 3D Spin cleaner, so maybe that's way the cleanser didn't work out that much. 

The way to apply is is very easy, and fun to do I must say. It has a little kind of scent, but nothing bothersome. It feels nice when appylying it and like 1 hour later after rinsing. Inmediately after applying it, like I said, kind of dries your skin.

So I give this product:

♔♔  /  ♔♔♔♔♔

I think I will look for some cleanser that will moisturize my face better. Plus it's not so cheap. A bottle of 80ml is 15$ on ebay and I think I can get something better for that price. Anyway, tell me if you found this review helpful or if you have tried this before and how was it. I would love to hear.


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