31 de mayo de 2012

SHINee's 4th Anniversary

So last week, i went with my friend Olga to the fanmeeting of SHINee Peru. We gathered cause we needed to film the video for their 4th anniversary. At first, we thought that we were just a few because next to us were also the Cassiopeias. But later we found out that we were a bunch of shawols there :D! The lider of the peruvian fanclub told us what we were going to say a few words introducing the fanclub and that there was going to be a cover of Sherlock.

The message was made really quickly. We just said: "Hello, Hello, HELLO! (like in Hello song lol).  Hi We are SHINee World Peru. My heart shines for SHINee." In the video there were added aswell the pictures of ourselves with our original products :) I share with you guys the video. It's quite long (14 mins) but if you wanna listen the message is in the last 3 minutes of it :)

Olga also received that day her Twinkle album. OMG THAT ALBUM IS PURE GLORY <333! I was really hoping for the card to be Seohyun cause that's her bias, but in the end she got Taeyeon's card. But is still ok for her. Taeyonnie looks cute in that card. We made a quick unboxing of it. (Will be uploaded soon OTL) We were so absorbed with the album that we couldnt express so much emotions. Sorry.

I look kind of tired in the picture down below, it's because it wasnt such a good day for me. Long story to tell, too lazy me. Well, that's the short update i got for today. Have a nice day :)

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