10 de octubre de 2012

U-KISS greetings for Peru and Chile

Alright, guys. The video above just came out and IM SPAZZING OUT!! U-kiss are greeting to his Peruvian and Chilean fans, and are inviting everyone to join to their concert this November 1st and November 3th.

But actually, I guess they made a mistake cause as we already know, peruvian concert is scheduled to November 1st, and they said it was gonna be on the 3th lol. I think they will re-do a video or something haha. Even Kevin has said it 12 hrs ago through his twitter:

Well, that's my quick update of the day. I got the flu and I'm dying. Next week i got my midterm exams and I should be studying but i can't because of the illness (Yeah right lol). Below, I share with you the interview of Eli and Kevin. This was uploaded a few days before the concert was announced, and I screamed so loud when I saw it (heard it). They basically say they were coming soon, we never thought THIS soon lol

Anyways, bye c:

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  1. Kevin mandando saludos *O* que lindo aunque yo no valla al concierto almenos voy a ir al aeropuerto eso si sdksmdfsbfm ^^

  2. síi! hay que hacer bulla :) para que vean que los queremos mucho también acá :)

  3. http://gmpfashionroulette.blogspot.com/2012/10/nuevo-blog.html

    Te eh mencionado en una de mis entradas *_*


  4. Ah y tambien te queria avisar que eh cambiado de blog ya no es G-luv, es "fashion rulette"