30 de diciembre de 2012

[FAN ACCOUNT] 121102 U-kiss fanmeeting

We were around 2 thousand KissMes at the fan meeting. We got to enter around 1.30pm. We weren’t allowed to take any videos or photos. And we had to be very quiet during the whole event, those were the rules. After the countdown, the show started.

They introduced their selves. Kiseop said: “Hola ah ah ah” which made KissMes laughed. Also Eli introduced himself twice and made Kevin laughed. After this, the guys started to say random Spanish phrases such as: “Agua, por favor” (Eli said it, and it means: “Water, please”), “Tengo Hambre” (Hoon said it a lot of times, it means: “I’m hungry”), “KissMe Peru es Hermosa” (“KissMe Peru is beautiful”, Kevin said it and it melted me lol) and Soohyun repeated “Pisco” (Peruvian liquor) lots of times, too.

They started to talk to us; Kevin asked if we were to the concert. Eli also told us that AJ called them and said he wanted to come to Peru in the future.

After the first fan talk they performed “Doradora”. I was tearing the whole song. I love this song so much TT. I screamed the fan chants until my throat hurt.

Later, they chose girls to teach them some Spanish phrases. Dongho chose a girl with a big photo of him. Hoon was very lovely with his girl, he said lots of times “Te quiero” to her. Kevin and Soohyun chose Bolivian and Brazilian girls respectively. Most of girls chosen just made them say lovely phrases such as “Te quiero” (I love you), “Cásate conmigo” (Marry me), “Llévame a tu casa para vivir” (Take me to your home to live), etc. I really didn’t like those girls’ attitude because the purpose of it was to teach them phrases that they could use to SURVIVE in Peru. And U-kiss members hugged the girl chosen after saying goodbye to her.

Then they performed “Stop girl”. I love it as usual, even though I’ve been hearing it a lot since their arriving (kinda tired of it, but still loving it).

The next activity was a contest to find the KissMe who could dance “Stop Girl”. They chose 6 girls and in the end all of them received a signed and kissed CD. And one KissMe gave Eli a kiss on the cheek, he then said: “Quiero casarme con una Latina” (I want to marry a Latin girl).

After it, we all sang Happy Birthday to Kevin.

Finally, they performed Man Man Ha Ni. The chants were so loud for this song. At this part, Kiseop went to our side and did a sign with his hands, like asking us to stand up. I was so absorbed by him that I stood up. My sister and a couple of friends next to me also did. However, we just stood up for a few seconds since it was forbidden. Despite that, Kiseop made a sign of approval with his hand and thumb. I wont never forget that.

After they finished the song, I felt sad because it was the last time that we would ever get to see them in our country. But at least I enjoyed every single moment of it. U-kiss saranghae!


Edit: Actually, later that day I went to the airport with my sister and my friend Karen. We got to see Hoon and Soohyun! :D My sister filmed it, since I'm not good with cameras haha. You can see the footage below.

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