17 de enero de 2013

Kpop Peru Festival + New acquisitions

I attended to a K-pop festival after a while. This was held last Saturday and it was FREE. There were dance covers and fan club's got their own stands. Even though it started late and it was HOT as hell that day, I spent a nice day. I went with my friend Leslie from the English institute and I got to meet some Sones. 

The funniest part for me was the presentation of the SNSD cover. The group performed "Kissing You" by Girls' Generation and it was lot of fun because we all Sone gathered and started to scream the fan chants. Everybody looked at us. Even the DJ played a little bit of "I got a Boy" (GG's last album)

Well, besides my expierence in this festival I wanted also to share with you guys my new acquisitions. The first one is my new pair of sunglasses. I simply love them, I've been looking for a pair like these since a while and after a quick visit to a mall i found them! I begged my dad to buy them until he agreed lol They were pretty cheap tho. The were less than 10$

I also got a pair of sandals by my mother. I love the animal print in it an the little ribbon in it. I think they are pretty unique and they are perfect for this bloody summer.

And a few days ago I went shopping with my mom. I was looking forward to buy some clothes but I couldn't find anything that attracted me a lot. So in the end, I only bought a bunch of accesories lol. I bought a ribbon (it's like a clip for hair), a pair of unicorn earrings (I love them since Key used them a while ago lol) and a moose/reindeer ring (finally a ring that fits to my skinny fingers! haha)

Must say that I don't have ear holes :c So I should pierce my ears these days in order to use the unicorn earrings. The thing is that my skin is kind of allergic to EVERYTHING. I can't use necklace, bracelets, earrings, etc because of it. I pierced my ears for three times in the past, but they closed after I stopped using earrings due to my allergic. The only reason why i bought these earrings it's because they are UNICORNS lol

Finally, my PUMPS! The first pair is fair black and they are shiny. I made my father buy these for me for an exposition I got lol (I also made him buy new formal clothing ᄏᄏᄏ)  I don't know what's the height of the shoe heel, but everyone in my class were surprised by the hight of the shoes lol
 I got the second pair from my mother from her trip to Brazil. They have some sort of studs and are not shiny as my other pair. But I love these since they are so~ comfortable to walk with. The only problem is that they are a size bigger than mine ᅮᅮ However, I put some cotton so I can used them haha

Well, that's for today's update. Have a nice day! 

6 comentarios:

  1. I really like your shoes is soooo georgeus *O*

  2. tus zapatos *-------------------*
    yo jamás podría usar unos asi con esos tacos xDD;;;

  3. It looks like it was lots of fun! I would to go to one but in my country most of the activities related to Japanese / Korean Music are held in the capital city... so far away from me. Hehe. (u_u); And everything you got is beautiful! I feel in love with the pumps and the ring... Gorgeous!

    Hope you are spending a great weekend! (^_^)/

  4. son molestos al inicio, pero luego te llegas a acostumbrar xD *u* o puedes empezar con unos tacos más pequeños y luego subirle :3

  5. It's the same here. But, since I'm in the capital city, i can attend to these events ^^ Thanks for your comment :3