29 de enero de 2013

Working days...

Well, these days I've been looking for a job. I got lots of need that my parents wont pay for, such as clothing, concerts, accesories, make up, etc. So after some job interviews, I got accepted in one. So now I have to use formal clothing. My idea of formal clothing is really different from most people's idea. 

When I think of job clothes, the picture of high heels inmediately pops in my head. I LOVE high-heels not only because they make me look taller, but because they stylize you whole body. Of course, only when you use them correctly. Well, I wanna share with you the outfit I used last week for my training.

It's just a long black skirt, a white blouse and black pumps. What makes it unique? The accesories! I used neon pink necklace and my love ring. And when I was outdoors I used my cat eye sunglasses I bought last week.

I also used a sparkle nail polish. I love it! And I got it for just $1! Also, the reason why I had my hair tied is because this way it's more "formal". Anyway, after the training was over, the instructor told us that since we are going to give a speech in front of teenagers, we need to use formal pants. DAMN. I was just wondering if I could used those asimetric skirts or a pair or latex leggings. But, NO. Stupid kids.

So, I will only be able to play with my accesories, my hair and my nail polish. Well, well. At least, this is only for summer. When I get a real job, I will make sure that there is not such a boring clothing protocole :/

Well, that's it for today. Have a nice week!

4 comentarios:

  1. ¡Me encanta la falta y los zapatos! En mi trabajo la vestimenta es súper casual y eso a veces me desmotiva a vestirme bien. Jaja. ¡Felicidades en tu nuevo trabajo, de seguro consigues uno mejor muy pronto! Jeje. Qué te diviertas. (n_n)/

  2. asddfsf ya quisiera que mi trabajo fue con ropa casual, así puedo ir como me da la gana *u* xD

  3. Hola estaba leyendo tu blog, recién lo he encontrado y lo amé. Quisiera saber, donde encontraraste trabajo? O sea de qué es? Yo también busco uno :c que edad tenías cuando te presentate?
    Me encanta tu ropa!

  4. Holaaa! Soy de Perú. Encontré trabajo en mi universidad como asistente en un departamento. Era menor de edad cuando me presenté :o pero es solo porque en mi universidad me lo permitieron. Si buscas trabajo, y eres mayor de edad, intenta postular a los cines y establecimientos de comida rápida :) Gracias por el comentario! Slds.