25 de julio de 2013

[FAN ACCOUNT] 130622 Fanmeeting with U-kiss

Hello~ Well, today I’m sharing with you guys my experience during this year fan meeting with U-kiss. Let’s start from the top. 

The event was supposed to start at 1pm. My sister and I arrived at 1.20pm because of some inconvenient we had early that morning. So we were scared to death of missing part of the show and event our sits (Each ticket had its own sit). But, when we got to the place the event was going to be held, we saw LOTs of KissMes lining to enter and to get their tickets (lots of them bought the tickets online but couldn’t be able to go pick them days before because of lack of time). So, in the end we could enter with no problem and thank God, we still had our sits. I was in third middle row and my sister was first left row. My sit was perfect, I could clearly see everything and the girls in front of me weren’t tall at all (lucky me). And in the stage there were some huge U-kiss figures, like person-size. When I entered I thought they were U-kiss which freaked me out, but they were just pictures lol. Well, for this event I brought my Jaeseop’s uchiwa and my Hoon sign, all made by myself. I also brought my light stick and my Stop Girl CD. I was armed and ready to enjoy the show lol.

The show finally started at 1.30pm approximately, when the members appeared on stage. I was shocked. I mean, I saw them the day before during the concert but seeing them again and so close… was like a dream. I must emphasize, the only one that looks to me tall is AJ, the rest is more like normal to me.

Well, after the girls’ screams ceased, they introduced their selves. It was like after each greeting girls would just screamed like crazy lol. I didn’t scream by the way. I only waved them with my uchiwa and light stick. The greeting that cracked me up was AJ’s because he only said: “Hola…” and KissMe’s were already screaming like crazy. This by the way made him laugh. Then he just completed: “Yo soy AJ”(I’m AJ in Spanish) The only ones that introduced their selves in English were Kiseop and Eli. The rest spoke in Spanish. And Kevin was the only one who said “Buenos Días” (Good morning in Spanish) which made him look like an angel (also the clothing he had was so conservative compared to the rest, he really looked like a good kid lol).

Later, the host asked them some questions.

1) What are your thoughts after coming to Peru for the second time?

Soohyun: Peruvian KissMe are still very pretty (LOL). And we missed you guys so much and we are happy we came back to Peru.

2) What are your thoughts of the second concert in Peru?

Eli: First, the concert was so fun. I was glad to see how KissMe’s enjoyed the concert. And I had a great time MCing with Kevin yesterday and I want to know if we did a good job.


Kevin: It was so hard for us to learn Spanish but the willing of wanted to communicate with you guys made our task easier to complete.

KM: Aww (Kevin gained lots of fans that day lol)

Well, after these questions, each member chose one girl to come up to the stage to play with them. AJ picked a girl from my right and Hoon picked a girl from my left. I mean, come on! I guess it’s because I only had small signs (the girls chosen had big signs with them). But I made mine tiny because I didn’t want to disturbe someone’s view. I think that very disrespectful. Anyway, I was like seeing the girls who were chosen and I saw my sister on stage and I was like OMG OMG! And she was waving to me like I can’t believe I’m here, Andrea! I almost teared up because of joy. I mean, it didn’t bother me to not get picked but seeing my sister on stage just made my whole day. At least some of us was lucky that day and I loved it! Ok, you can read her fan account by clicking here.

U-kiss and the fans played an eye-contact game which consisted in not looking to other site besides your partner face (I wouldn’t have been able to make it. I would have gotten to embarrassed I guess). So the game began and the crowd was screaming of jealous and I was so happy in my sit seeing how my sister was so close to SooHyun (I didn’t even pay attention to the rest lol). Damn, at that time I wanted to have my camera with me so badly so I could record every second of that game. But, sadly my sister took it and left it on her sit (which was far away from mine and I couldn’t stand up at the moment I realized that I needed my camera). Well, the first one who lost was Kevin like after a couple of seconds lol (He was so shy, too bad for his fan because she wanted to play more). Then Hoon, Dongho, Eli lost. Hoon made Kiseop’s team to lose and made also my sister’s team to lose but since nobody noticed it they kept playing. Sadly, AJ’s team didn’t have the same luck. So my sister won, yay! At this moment I thought she would receive a group hug or an autographed CD since last year’s winners received that. But, she just hugged SH for the last time and returned her sit.

Then it was the second game, U-kiss chose 7 girls one more time. I wasn’t chosen this time either. But this time, Hoon noticed my little sign of him and made and approval sign with his thumb. After that he would see me from time to time to send me little hearts with his hands and to smile to me (AW).

Well, the second game started. This was a game chair and they used U-kiss’ songs to play. So the game started and omg, the fanchants were SO loud. I felt so proud. The first song was 0330 and AJ made an “I’m hearing your chants” sign with his hand and ear. Kevin, Kiseop and Hoon were the first ones to lose. So they started to dance along with the song. They played Tick Tack and we got to scream “Yeo Hoon Min” (fanchant) before they cut the song and Hoon noticed it and he was like: Me? Thanks (thumbs up to the crowd). I won’t ever forget that, it was so funny.

After the game was over, they went to rest. In the meanwhile, there was a raffle to get U-kiss’ autograph. Three friends of mine won. I was so happy for them! After it, the guys came back. This time, we had to choose the members who:

- Who is the most popular member? - Kiseop

- Who cooks the best? - Eli

- Who is the one that showers the less? - Soohyun

And each winner had to make a sexy dance after they were chosen. The funniest moment came when we had to choose the member who showers the less. All the members stood up and when they were sitting again, SH took Kevin’s chair away and he fell. We all burst in laugh. Then, Dongho did the same thing to Hoon, but to his luck almost no one noticed it. But, since Karma is a bitch. SH was picked as the member who showers the less lol. And, when he had to dance, he did quite an unique dance. Check it out in the video below, especially at min 0:07.

Later, they performed A Shared Dream (no dance, tho) and KissMe Forever (which I WAS PRAYING TO LISTEN). A Shared Dream was flawless. I really love this song so I enjoyed it the fullest. And with Pyeonsaeng, I became wild, seriously. I started dancing (with my lightstick and uchiwa) and singing like possessed. I mean, come on. That song is to party haha. So, when I was all concentrated with my movements, AJ stood up in front of me, stared at me and started clapping (min 1:23). And I was like, why is he looking at me RIGHT, NOW? When I’m all derp. But after he left, I kept dancing, trying to look cool this time, tho. So then he came back, this time Hoon joined him. AJ made some movements (min 2:32) he wanted me to follow and I did (like and obedient KM). And he laughed. Then, he just walked away again. Then the girls around me were like, he was just staring at you, didn’t he? And I: yeah ;_; Sadly, I didn’t have the camera at that moment, either. So the only prove I have it is in my mind… and in this video.

Then the guys talked about their plans to come back to Peru in the future more frequently and that they wanted us to keep supporting them. After that, they had the fan-signing with 50 lucky KissMe’s. It was very quick. Later, they just thanked us for coming and said goodbye. It was all over now.

I had a mixed of emotions by that time. I was happy because they always make me smile during this events and I had so much fun with them those 2 days. But I also was kind of sad since I wouldn’t see them again until God knows how much time. And also, because someone stole my light stick during the fan-signing :/ I went to my sister’s sit to take the camera to film something before they left, so I think that’s when it might got stolen. I’m so disappointed in the person who took it. At least it was broken and it didn’t really shine that much.

So yeah, this was my experience. Hope you liked it and didn’t get bored with too much explanation. Have a nice day!

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