14 de julio de 2013

My first purchase from ebay

Hello~ I'm back after two months? I've been pretty bussy with school as always.And also with K-pop concerts lol I’m gonna upload my fan accounts of Super Show and U-kiss concert in these days. I always upload them very late OTL I guess I’m always in classes during K-pop concerts so I don’t have time to write them. And also I feel kind of depressed/melancholic after them. Can’t help it.

Well, this post is related to my first purchase from ebay (like the title says lol). I received my package like two weeks ago so it’s time to review it! But first, let me tell you I’ve always wanted to buy online. However, since it’s not very common in Peru, I couldn’t do it until now. Actually, there is a kind of fear of it. Fear of most use of the web to do transactions online, actually. But, since I have lots of friends buying from ebay I decided to give it a try.

First, I needed my ID to get a credit card. I took me like 3 months to get it because of all the paper work required and because the processing office was so far from my home. Well, once I got it, I went to the bank to get my credit card (is more like a savings card). It was very quick; I got it in like half an hour? LOL I put some money in it and I was ready to buy. YAY!

I got home so enthusiastic; I forgot I had classes later. I was like OK, Andrea, calm down and let’s do this. I entered to ebay, picked the item I wanted to buy (HOT PINK BB Cream) and follow all the procedures. Once I finished I was like, OMG I just did it. Now let’s cross fingers so it can arrive safely.

And… after three weeks my package was delivered safely~ I was lucky I was in home when the delivery guy came. I was so happy I screamed at home and partied hard with my dog lol. Then, I proceeded to check out my purchase. The package was pretty simple (a carton box), but had Korean letters all over it. I got a pair of scissors and opened it. Inside was my BB Cream, three samples, the buyer’s thanks letter and a card from the buyer’s store. My BB Cream came in perfect state, none scratch on it. I was a bit disappointed, tho. I was expecting my package to arrive within two weeks after the purchase so I could use it for the U-kiss concert. But, it arrived one week later OTL. It’s ok, since the delivery time is not always the same and the time was in the range of time expected.

I also need to say I didn’t choose my order in a moment. I did my whole research before even getting my ID. I needed to be sure that my order wouldn’t end up being a scam so I looked up for a top rated seller with the lowest price in the web (I need to think in my economy two, you know? Lol)

Well, that was my whole experience. I hope this can help you to lose your fair in online shops. But don’t get me wrong. There are lots of fake sellers and scam out there, so you need to be sure the site you are buying from is trustful. Don’t trust in words but actions :) I personally think ebay is a great web if you choose carefully.

Do you have any experience buying in ebay or other websites? I would like to hear. See ya~

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  1. a decir verdad siempre eh querido comprar por ebay por que es muy caro pero tenìa algo de miedo por el envio pero viendo tu experiencia creo que ahora si me animare :)

  2. sí :) solo asegúrate de comprar de un top rated seller (los que tienen su listoncito ^^) y de estar en casa los días que posiblemente llegue tu paquete :) o de que haya alguien que lo pueda recibir ^^ Pero antes de que te lances a comprar cualquier cosa, primero pide algo barato y si te llega sano y salvo, sigues pidiendo :) como que ya aseguras que tu dirección es localizable para ellos. Eso es lo que yo hice jiji Saludos :D