6 de agosto de 2013

Review: Secret Key Snow White Milcky Pack


Today I'm reviewing the Secret Key's Snow White Milcky Pack. So, first let's start with the statements of this product:

 - White milky skin and Brightening Effect: if you using this milcky pack your skin will bright more and will have a moisturizer effect on it. This can be used on face and body.

- Whitening functional material: Niacinamide (whitening functional base material) keeps skin soft and clean. - Skin moisture: It provides intensive hidratation to your skin.

- Try once and get 10 hour duration!: You get 10 hour of effect when using this pack.

- Premium Material and 5 free system: Free of Benzophenoe, Mineral Oil, Phenoxy Ethanol, Parabens and pigments. So it's available for sensitive skin.

Then, how to use it? The instructions in the package are all in Korean, but here is the translation:

- Apply a generous coat over the skin.
- Wait for 2-3 minutes and then rinse with water.
- Dry with a towel with little pads.


The first time I used it, I applied a very light coat in my left hand. And I got a nice result, not that white, but still visible. The second time, I applied a more generous coat in my right hand. But, surprisingly, I got the same result. So as long as you cover your whole skin, the results will be evident.

- It does whiten and it looks normal.
- Leaves a very smooth and moisturized skin.
- Affordable price.
- Last 8 hours, as it says in the package.

- It doesn’t whiten that much. Just slightly and natural.
- Takes lot of time to apply if you want to use it over your whole body.
- It may feel oily after you rinse it.

So, I give this product:
♔♔♔ ♔♔♔♔♔

This is a product that gained lot of fame because of the wonders that it promises. So I kind of expected to get all that wonder in my hands. However, that was not the case. It did whitened my hands but it was not such an amazing result as it promised. Plus, if you you don't apply it evenly, you might get some parts of your skin darker than other. And, the idea of rinse it in every use kind of make me not want to apply it everyday. Since I'm a bussy person, I would only use it in special ocassions, not as a daily basis. And since this thing promise results only when you use it continously, I guess, I can only use it as a one-day retouch.

Hopefully, this review helped you. If you have any question about this product, you can leave it in the comment section below. And also, I would love to hear your own experiences with this cream.

Have a nice day!

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  1. ¡Hola! Espero que no te moleste que te comente en español ya que, como he visto, sueles escribir más comúnmente en este idioma. Quería agradecerte por el review, hace algún tiempo vi como este producto se hizo bastante popular. Para ser sincera también llamó mi atención, pero finalmente decidí no comprarlo por su tipo de aplicación y porque los resultados no eran tan sorprendentes como lo prometido, aunque eso ya me lo esperaba. Te deseo un lindo día. ¡Saludos!


    1. Hola, Dany!
      Gracias por el comentario :) Te sigo en tu blog! Besitos!

  2. Hola^^ yo tambien quisiera empezar a comprar cremas coreanas bb cream, tintas y mascarillas, pero me da miedo q aduana lo retenga soy de peru tambien, como haces para pedir y q no tengas problemas con aduanas, yo quisiera comprar y tambien quiza pedir varias unidades para vender a mis amigas, pero nose como haria para poder importar cosmeticos coreanos sin problemas, sabes de algunos tips para q aduana no lo retenga o q requisitos debo tramitar ya q me an dicho q los cosmeticos son restringidos :(
    porfaa espero tu ayuda Graciiias ^○^

    1. Hola, Mary. Yo compro mis productos por ebay. Cuando compras 1 o 2, no tienes problemas por aduanas, pero cuando compras en cantidad podrías tener problemas con aduanas :s Por eso yo compro solo por unidad.
      Saludos :)