6 de febrero de 2011

Good luck

Yeah, i think i have good luck in some contests LOL Ok, i'm not gonna show off, but i felt like writing about this since i won sth again haha. Well, so this have been a quite interesting week. My english classes started again, and i also have to study physic for an university exam. So i'm gonna be quite busy the next two weeks.

Oh, Kyu's birthday was 2 days ago. And i participed on a project for his birthday. We made a compilation of elf's photos. Each of us must had to carry a sign with this symbol . This stands for Kyu. So it was a little bit upsetting to take the photo since i'm not photogenic :/ But in the end i had to send a photo so i chose the least bad LOL

조 규 현, 생일 축하합니다

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