1 de febrero de 2011

You're my exception

I just watch "He's just not that into you" for the third time, and i can't avoid the fact that i end up with tears in the eyes when i watch the happy ending of gigi and alex couple. They're just my favorite ever couple of a movie. And i feel indetified with Gigi a little bit. Pretty sad, huh? But oh well, i hope i can find my soulmate sometime... no just kidding. There's still time for that LOL I also saw 2012 yesterday. I reminds me that i have to live like there's no tomorrow. You never know.

Oh i got my laptop fixed yesterday, so i was pretty bussy with all the programs downloading. I had to start over again. It's pretty fun because it's like having a new one. I hope this will avoid the freezing and stuff in the future.

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