7 de septiembre de 2012

I've changed a lot, mom.

These days are getting very, but very freaking cold. And at the same time, it's almost spring. I can't really believe that winter is theorically coming to an end. It wasn't that cold after all. Oh well, im still very comfortable in my warm house with lots of clothes on. By the way, I'm not really talking about something coherent in this post, just random thought of a cold night.

Last night, i was reviewing my old pictures. Back when i was 10 years old, i was such an ugly duck lol. Im not saying im smocking hot right now, but i guess im "prettier" than before. Oh well, i still think i got so many things i wanna fix in my whole body. For example, my hair. Even though i got it straigthen a while ago, i still think i dont have the right hair style, you know? I think i need some bangs, and i think they will fit me better now that i have better hair. And i also want to dye it. I want to have Tiffany's hair haha. She is very pretty, at least for me.

My diet is going well, there are some days i forget my diet and i end up eating lots of crap, but overall is going fine. Im not gonna say my weight, because i still need to loose some kilos, but i could say im almost as thin as Hyeoyeon lol. I wish i could be taller, too.

And i really think i should be reading those stupid articles i need to read for my courses. I gotta read like 200 pages and im writing this nonsense while listening to kpop. I wish days could be longer... I wish i could be someone, too. But that's just such a different topic i may talk about some other day.

I want to go to more kpop concerts. I wanna meet SNSD and i wanna take picture with them lol Ive been dreaming a lot with them these days. not just GG but a lot of kpop idols in general. God knows why. Its said that Hyuna is coming to Peru to record her MV, my sister couldnt handle her happiness when got to know the news. I wish Tiffany could come to Peru. My favorite artists never come. Anyway...

Pic spam lol Well, i need to take LOTs of picture of myself with straight hair. It was pretty expensive so i should take the right advantage of it, you know? Down, you will see more pictures of myself. This time im doing stupid poses trying to emulate GG lol First is the paparazzi pose, fail. And the other is the Twinkle pose, failure as well. Anyway, i had lots of fun taking selcas. My sister not that much. 

I want to take more pictures of myself in the future, thats a good way of seeing my progress lol Not really, is more like to have a record of my growing as a person and as a woman. I wish that growing could also be reflected in height lol

Bigbang's concert is coming... Ancafe is also coming, and Lady Gaga... everyone is coming and i got no money. I wish i was rich. And Junsu is already in Brazil... and my mother is going to travel there next week. I wish i could see him dancing Intoxication again haha. And my music player keeps playing lots of sad songs (most of them are from the OST of Rooftop Prince, that sad drama YC made this year)

Oh well, im saying bye. Do not waste your time trying to understang this nonsense, would ya? Ok. Bye.

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  1. Hehe, I also think I'm much better looking than 10 years ago... those were my "weird" years. (O_o) I'm loving your hair! I need to use my iron more often but lately with work I've become so lazy~ It's not easy. Haha.

    Hope you get around to see more of your favorite K-POP idols. I'd like to go to some concerts myself but having no money makes it difficult, right? (;__;)

    By the way, I love your last outfit! The polka dot blouse is so pretty~  Cya!

  2. jajaja yo creo que eres muy linda. y creo que para opinar de antes tendria que ver una fotito de niña tuya, pero en fin sinceramente a mi me parece que no tienes que cambiar nada pero si no te gusta tu look te animo para que lo cambies y te sientas mejor contigo misma, ah en mi pais tambien casi acaba el invierno xD

  3. Noa  boite,    muito bom artigo !!!

  4. Eres muy linda, siempre lo fuiste, te tengo en el facebook y para mí nunca fuiste fea, a veces me gustaría ser tú. Y tienes una linda figura, es muy saludable :)

  5. Mikka, thanks a lot ^^ i took a treatment for my hair, otherwise it wouldnt be so pretty haha And i also love my polka dot blouse <3!