30 de septiembre de 2012

Random update of the week

Well, as you might have noticed, I changed the skin of my blog! Yay! It looks more clean now and i prefer it this way better. Even though, blogspot is giving me lots of problems with the new skin cause it's not letting me see the previews of my posts T_T It's so unfair, but oh well, i'll keep this new pretty template till i get bored of it, like with the other one.

Alright, these days i've been a camera whore lol Not really, I always like to take pictures of myself, just that i don't have enough time to take them cause I'm always late for my classes OTL And I get done in a rush... and no time to take pictures. But, this time i took a few minutes to take some selcas ( I love saying that word dunno why lol), so I'm posting them here.

My mom says i look kind of anorexic in the picture above lol I don't think so. I mean it's just the camera/position effect. But, I want to clarify it through here (cause I know my mom reads my blog lol) that my current weight is 49kg and my height is 1.62m. My mom thinks I'm 45kg. Nope, I wish i could be that thin haha, but i can't afford it with everything I eat everyday. Anyways, I'm feeling like a soshi (like Hyoyeon, just because of the measurements lol).

I got lots of outfits i'd love to upload but since i got no time, i can't T_T Hopefully, by the other week I'll have the proper photoshoot of them :) Oh, by the way, have I told you about my recent obsession with Wong Kar-wai's movies? That guy is a genius! I'm doing an essay for my class about one of his movie, which is my favorite (Chungking Express), and if it comes ok, i will post it here.

Have a nice weekend.

4 comentarios:

  1. me encanta tu skin es mas simple como ami me gusta :) y las selcas que te tomaste son super lindas a mi no me parece que estes anorexica asi que XDDDD parece que tu mami exagero en fin eso de no tener tiempo es muy comun entre todos los que tenemos vida universitaria XDD bueno cuidate y muchos besos :) sube mas outfits !!!

  2. haha gracias! sí, yo también creo que mi madre exageró un poco pues me dio un sermón luego de ver la foto e_e espero subir nuevas fotos pronto ^^ y lamentablemente tendré que cambiar la skin pronto de nuevo porque hay muchas funciones que no posee T_T

  3. Holas!!! jajaja las madres... así son todas!! xD me gusta mucha el nuevo skin :)
    La vida universitaria es muy atareada, al menos eso me dijo mi hermano, pero bueno... uno debe seguir adelante :)
    Saludos desde Lima!!! :D

  4. Adasjdhsa~ ahora escribes todo en inglés, ya no entiendo nada T^T pero me encantaron tus fotos ashsdkjajds todo tu outfit y bello *-* Esos zapatos son cómodos? yo quiero comprarme unos asi, pero me da miedo que sean incómodos y al final los deje botados xD