11 de noviembre de 2012

[Fan account] U-kiss at Jorge Chavez airport 301012

Alright, I arrived at Jorge Chavez airport (main airport in Peru) at 10pm aprox. There were already lots of fans gathered all around the gate. I really didn't expect this big amount of people because of the time. When JYJ came to the country, it was in the morning and there were almost 5 thousand people that day. But since we were told U-kiss would come out at midnight, i never thought there would be this amount of people waiting for them.

Anyway, i met with my friend Fio (1st pic) who was also very surprised of the amount of people that night. We were almost 4 thousand of people waiting for U-kiss~ We gathered with the fanclub (2nd pic) and waited outside of the airport, in front of a door (3rd pic) were they were supposed to come out of. Fio did a live stream and we got 2 thousand viewers (yay!)

Around 11.30pm, some cars appeared (they were U-kiss' transport) and we all got excited. There was even lot of press (2nd pic) around ready to cover they arriving. But suddenly, around midnight, the cars moved a little more to the right. And we realized they were going to come out from the main gate, where most people come from, just to see their fans.

With the staff, we felt kind of disspaointed cause we knew we wouldnt be able to see them directly. We thought they would get of, take their cars and leave inmediately. But again, contrary to what we expected they came out of the airport and started to greet their fans. Actually, they didnt greet that much inside, but outside. All the KissMes were outside with the fanclub, with the banners, sign, flags, etc and they saw that.

The first thing I could see from them was Eli's blonde hair. I got excited and shocked first at this. Was this really happening? Then Kiseop got closer to us. He waved at us and then I muted. I didnt really pay attention to what I was filming. I only care at that moment and Kiseop and his big smile. Then Dongho came to greet us. He was filming us with his cellphone. He was very surprised of the banners we got to support them.

After being so absorbed with them for a couple of seconds. They both got into the van. When they were already leaving I could spot Hoon inside the van, he was also filming us. They were very surprised of the amount of fans that night. When the car started to move I could see Kevin waving at us, in the seat behind Hoon's. And behind him, was Soohyun with a cap. I knew it was him because of his profile lol

And then, they were gone. I felt empty after they left. There were lots of girls who chased the car, but I dont think thats good for them cause they only want to rest after such a long flight.

I'm sharing with you guys my fancam. After the whole experience, I realized I'm not good at making fancams. I mean, i rather prefer to focus on what I'm living than recording something on tape. I'm sorry, I wish i could do both things ok, but that's not the case :c.

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