25 de noviembre de 2012

[FAN ACCOUNT] 121031 Ukiss' fansign in Peru

I arrived at the place around 3.30pm and there were already lots KissMes there. I got enumerated (I was 190, my friend was 191 and my little sister was 192). At 5pm we entered to the hall to line there. At 6.00pm, the event started and the first fans in the row could enter. Around 6.20pm, the event was suddenly changed to a handshaking due to no reason. So, people started to enter faster.

I had my Stop Girl CD, my ticket and my jacket in one arm so I could have the other to shake hands with U-kiss. The moment I could finally enter to the venue I was very nervous. This was really happening so fast. In the way to see U-kiss, the fan club was giving a poster to everyone. Since I already had that poster (you could pick it in a sale-point with ticket for the concert) I didn’t receive it. Plus I didn’t have hands to hold it. I passed to a big door and I could finally see them.

U-kiss was in a stage and they were lined to receive every fan in order. The first one I got to see face to face was Soohyun. He was so good-looking that day. I mean, he is not my bias, but he looked so freaking hot that day. He said “Hola” (Hello in Spanish) and took my hand with his both hands. He was smiling and I was so shocked because of this that I could only get to say to him: “I will always be a KissMe” in Korean. After I said this, his whole face lighted up and he smiled even more. He made a good sign with hand and thumb. I guess he didn’t say anything else in Korean because he thought I wouldn’t understand (lol). 

Then I moved into Hoon. At this moment, my memories are very blurry. I can only remember he was SO handsome and cute… My brain collapsed with the sight of him so close. He held my hand firmly until I moved to Eli. Seriously, seeing Hoon was so shocking I can only remember Eli’s blonde hair TT. I guess he said “Hi” to me, or he didn’t. I really don’t remember that much OTL.

The next one was Kiseop. I know this because my friends told me. I really couldn’t remember anything after I left the place. I don’t know if I shaked hands with him because I was in a trance… When I passed in front of Dongho, I wouldn’t notice him if he didn’t hold my hand with his both hands. I can remember his brown hair and eyes.
When I got to see Kevin, I kind of reacted. I remember the bunch of phrases I wanted to say to them in person. I was starting to say: “U-kiss will always be numer 1 in KissMes’ heart” in Korean but I couldn’t finish it because the security made me. Kevin was smiling the whole time.

After this, I went outside of the venue. I was so frustrated. I mean I wanted to say to them some encouraging phrases in Korean and English and I couldn’t say anything because of the shock. I even spoke to Kevin in Korean when I could tell him something in English!! Agggh, I was really angry at myself because of this. And also because of the partial amnesia I had (I could only remember Soohyun, Hoon and Kevin). The only one I could tell something was Soohyun because with the rest I didn’t even say “hi”.

The event finished at 7.00pm and there were some girls who could get to see them when they left. I gathered with some friend and went home. After all, the next day was the concert and I had lots of things to fix.

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  1. waoooo se ve que la pasaste increible *o* me alegro mucho y si es que ellos cumplen su promesa de volver a venir a Perù definitivamente asistire :) cuidate nos leemos !!!!!