14 de abril de 2013

Quick Outfit Update

Hey! :) It's me again. Well, today I'm just updating the outfits I used this week. Very simple coordinates cause I've been pretty busy with my studies to come up with something great. Sorry for that.

The first one is just a butterflies and ribbons pink t-shirt (Estilos), black leggings and oxfords shoes. And the thing in my head is my bunny-ear headband (Do It). I love those, if I could have the money I would buy tons of those lol 

The second one is my sister's sweater BOY (she got it from E-bay), some plain jeans, oxfords and also a headband (it used to be my mom's, not anymore lol). 

The third one is a blue flower corset, jeans and oxfords. I use my oxfords most of the time. I got no so many more shoes OTL

The fourth one is actually my favorite. It's a blue flower bustier I bought few months ago, jeans with brown belt (The City Mode), pumps (Marquis) and headband (Do it). I'm feeling more comfortable using this bustier since I could reduce my belly with gym lol

The fifth one is my black star-dotted blouse (Sybilla), with a belt (The City Mode) around my waist, jeans and oxfords.

And the last one I used it on a cold day. A sweater, belt, leggings and oxfords. Most offbrand. I hardly have something of a particular brand. I actually only buy from stores I find randomly... That's why I have no savings OTL.

Anyway, these days' weather have been pretty annoying. I really don't know what to where cause it's cool in the morning, then it becomes sunny and really hot at midday, then freaking cold at night. And I'm out the whole day, so sometimes I just have no option but to carry some jacket -_- Also, most of the pictures were taken at night, so my hair was pretty messy and I was so tired so I censored my face with a skull lol

Well, that's it for this week. I would lie if I say I would update in the week. I got so many tests this week so I won't be able to update until weekend. So see you until next Sunday :)


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