6 de diciembre de 2014

[Fan Account] Super Show 5 in Peru 13.04.27

Hi, hi!

Since recently there are a lot of rumors of Super Junior coming back to Peru once again next year, I decided to finally post my fan account of their concert in 2013. Yup, pretty late. But, back in those days I had lot of things to do at university, so it really was troblesome for me to even upload some fancam (I only uploaded 2 of the many ones I took). So, this is a post in which I can actually share my experience and also would work for me as a record. So, let's begin~ ☆

I remember that morning day very clear. I had to 2 exams that day, so I only slept for 1 hour. After I finished my responsabilities at university, I checked my cellphone: my friend Olga texted me like crazy the whole morning. I really didn't have time to check my cellphone during the morning, so I called her. She told me she was able to watch the soundcheck of the concert in a building really close to the venue lol They were really happy and they wondered were was I. Well, I was just getting ready in a bathroom of the university lol. She told me to hurry to get good spots in the concert.

I hang up, got my make up done, fixed my hair like I could and headed to the concert. It was freaking sunny that day, UGH. I got to the venue around 1p.m. I gather with my friend Olga, her little sister, her mom, her cousin (all her family is ELF lol) and my other friend Ana. So we hurried to queue to enter to the event.

We could enter around 7pm. Gosh, the venue was HUGE!! We were looot of people but the place still looked empty. The tribune in the back was crowded and the whole venue shined blue that day. So pretty! I must say the concert was in an open place, so you could see the beautiful moon of that night ♡. I positionated myself close to the scenary, but you could really walk through the whole place without losing anything. When I was talking with my friends, suddenly the lights turned off an the intro started: some sort of video that lasted around 5 minutes. When the curtain fell, the 8 boys appeared. Mr. Simple started.

Gosh, I felt soo happy. I couldn't believe I was finally able to meet them in person. So I chanted with all my heart. It didn't even mattered that I didn't sleep in 2 days or that I didn't have proper lunch or dinner. All that matter at that moment was that I could finally enjoy a concert of Super junior ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

What I loved about them, is that they divided themselves around the whole scenary. So, everybody could enjoy and see every single member. Must say that the only ones who came where: Kyuhyun, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Kangin and Sungmin. So after Mr. Simple was over, they sang a mixed version of Bonamana. I knew SJ when they launched this song. So you can imagine the feelings (;▽;)

Next song was my favorite from all times: Super Girl. Unfortunately, they played it in Korean and not in Chinese (my favorite version). But still, I was happy. Henry and Zhou Mi joined the rest for this song. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ And man, the whole scenary was brilliant. It really looked like a concert from Korea, in comparisons to other Kpop concerts in Peru which were not so well prepared as this one.

After this last performance, they gave a speech, presenting themselves. Thank God the scenary was high (and the fact I'm not so short), I could see very clear everyone's face lol. I will keep all their expressions in my memorie... And continuing with such vein-cutting songs (at least for me), the following song was It's You. My gosh! I never thought they would actually played such an OLD SONG!! But, hell, I was so happy (T▽T).

Next songs were Twins + A Man in Love. So old songs, omg. I guess they were really trying to perferom a wide variety of songs since it was their first time in Peru (and in Latin America). Next songs where from their recent album (back in 2013 lol) Sexy Free & Single + SPY. I really didn't have the time to follow this comeback because of university, like I did with Mr. Simple, but I was happy they performed even SPY (which was very recent back in that time).

Then they sang two ballads: 30 and How Am I supposed to live without you. During 30, I took advantage and tried to film with my camera (I didn't film the other songs because they would had come out blurred and out of focus. The excitement, you know.) In the second and third picture you can see I could capture Kangin's eyecontact and smile at my camera (=^・^=)

Also, during How am I supposed to live without you, Sungmin came to my side. And literally, the whole song he sang it in front of me ≧∇≦. It felt like a recital haha. 5th picture is the proof lol.

Okay, so next songs were more like for a party hard kkk: Oppa, Oppa + A-Oh! I remember myself dancing to Oppa, Oppa with my friends haha. Also screaming to: 

Donghae: I say Donghae, you say Oppa. Donghae!

Next song was Ai se eu te pego. Okay, I must be honest. When I heard they were performing this song in other countries (Brazil, Chile, etc.) during the tour, I was like: WHY? I wanted them to perform Harlem Shake like they did in Korean :c I know, it was a hit song in Latin America, but I didn't like it... until they performed it here. Funny story. The song started, and I was like meh, who cares, shitty song is shitty. And then, out of nowhere Siwon was in front of me. I took my camera very quickly to film him. He was so flirtatious with the fans, omg. He smiled, winked at us, danced very manly and sexy lol

So when he was leaving, I was about to turn off my camera, when I saw Donghae coming to my side as well. OMG. Freaking Donghae was coming to MY SIDE. The guy who was the main reason I turned into Kpop and even to Super Junior. HE WAS IN FRONT OF ME. Not even in my dreams I could imagine that (okay, I did dreamed about it couple of times). So I tried to at least film a little bit of this memorable moment. He first came to my side with sunglasses, but then, he tooked them off. While doing this, he noticed me (and my camera of course. I assume it was because my camera looks like a pro, and because the girls around me were so short in comparison to me). 

Anyway, HE NOTICED ME, omg. (See 1st and 6th picture). And not just that, he started to dance looking at me! o(≧∇≦o) I swear, I remember myself trying to film his eyecontact, and then focusing on seeing him directly (and not trough the lens of the camera). It really only lasted a few seconds, but It felt like minutes to me (๑≧ᴗ≦๑). He danced like Oh, I'm so sexy (see 7th picture). Thank god, I had contact lenses that day. Otherwise the blush in my cheeks would had blurred my glasses lol. Actually, one of the 2 fancams I uploaded of the concert is from this moment. You can watch it down below.

After, Donghae finished his flirtatious dance, he went back to the center of the stage. I looked at my friend next to me, like asking her: is it me or DH was looking at me the whole time? And she was like: YES! You are so damn lucky! Even some girls around me looked at me and said: yes, he was looking at you, right? And I was like: (థฺˇ౪ˇథ)

The only thing I regreted back then was not having a polaroid camera. Really. Donghae actually is very good at fanservice, and he always takes photos with the polaroids of the ELFs. AGH! I should have bought a polaroid for the concert!! I was so close I could easily handled it to him :c. Anyway, I have my Instax Mini 7 now, so I hope luck will be by my side during this Super Show 6.

So this entry is taking like forever haha. I will sum it up. Following songs were:

  • Break Down: From Super Junior M
  • Go
  • Shake it up!: Love this song! And I loved DH's voice during it.
  • Rockstar: Guys became crazy with this song. It also lasted like 8 minutes lol I could have Kyuhyun in front of me for a minute^^He was so autistic he didn't even looked at the fans lol He only looked to the horizon.(?)
  • Daydream
  • Accoustic Medley: Bittersweet, Someday and Memories. This is when I had Zhou Mi in front of me. See 4th and 9th picture as reference.
  • Dreaming Hero: During this song, everybody cosplayed some character. Donghae was Iron Man. He also came back to my side (ᗒᗊᗕ). I should upload that fancam as well, since it's the most clear and focus. Reference: 8th picture.
  • Sunny: Suju made everybody in the audience dance. Sunny, Sunny, I love you, I want you (8) I was dancing so happy until some KBS cameramen started to film me. I ran away lol. I didn't want to be filmed so sweaty, ew.
  • Wonder Boy: Man, I have SO much memories with this song. Long story short: I used this song as a theme for my art class' proyect in university.
  • So I
The guys dissapeared, and ELF started to scream: ENCORE, ENCORE! Super Junior came back once again for their last 4 songs: Sorry Sorry (the song most waited of the night), Mirracle, Dancing Out and Marry U (all the fans were crying with this song, I find it cute but not so vein-cutting).

Oh, by the end of the concert I found my friend Fallito and we fangirled a little bit, while watching the last VCR (it was like a closure of the concert). Actually, I bet there were lot of friends who went to the concert as well but I didn't get the chance to meet them there :c

So, overall, the concert was an amazing experience. The ticket wasn't cheap at all (800 soles that is aproximately USD$ 276). So I was really expecting a concert worth the money, and it was. Additional comments, I had my old lightstick during the concert. It was like the first K-pop item I ever got, and which I used in other past events (events to promote Kpop concerts in Peru). So I was really happy to finally be able to use it in a real concert of Super Junior (T▽T). Fanchants were so loud that day. I was so proud I knew most of them, as memory, even though I didn't practice them due to lack of time.

Also, I must say Super Junior (especially Donghae) was the main reason I got into the Korean wave (back in 2010). They literally changed my life: my hobbies, my friends circle, my fashion sense, etc. So even though, I'm not following SJ as much as I did in my school days, Suju will always have a special place in my heart. Having said so, I must also say that I didn't cry during the concert. I tend to have a big smile instead of crying during happy moments. But I did cry because of nostalgia while watching the videos of the concert. I never imagined I would be able to live that experience. After 3 years of waiting, I can say Dreams come true ♡.

If they come again next year, I will definitely try to go. I need my selfie with Donghae (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

That's all for today. Lots of love.

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