29 de noviembre de 2014

Final Exams!

So, next week are my final exams :( I'm really nervous because I'm not so great on my subjects this semester, so I need better grades to pass them. It's all because I'm working and studying. It is really tough! I'm really thankful to my parents, because they had to work in order to study. I'm only working in order to graduate from college.

Anyway, I will be gone for 2 weeks in order to obtain good grades. Wish me luck, I'll need it.

So, Christmas is really around the corner, and I'm thinking in buying myself a smartphone. I really need one for college and for my everyday life. But I'm really scary to spend lot of money and then get stolen :/ Really, sometimes I could live somewhere else -sigh-. I really can't decide between an Iphone or a Samsung Galaxy. I love the cases you can put on an Iphone... but I'm afraid the battery or memory might damage and that's the end of the cellphone. In other hand, we have the Samsung Galaxy which has amazing features, but I can't find any decent case for it :/. You know, I want a pretty case for my selfies :c lol Plus, most asian girls I follow on instagram have iPhones and their quality camera is amazing! Despite having less resolution than the Galaxy...

So those are my thoughts on buying a new cellphone. Currently I'm only using the cellphone that the work gave me (nokia). So it's really convenient because you can text or call anywhere without the fear of getting robbed.

I'm sharing some selcas I've taken with my dad's Samsung Galaxy S3 mini. It has a pretty decent camera, I must say. Plus, having so many apps available and free is a definitely win.

If you wanna see more random picture I might take, follow me on instagram lol. I actually only post pictures when my dad lends me his cellphone OTL. Anyway, those are my random thoughts of the day. I will go to study now. See you on December!


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