30 de enero de 2011

Fashion & Stuffs

The past days i was pretty bussy with my english classes. And in the way to the institute i could aprecciate the outfits of the girls over there. I learned a lot. From shoes to shirts. So, when i got home i was looking for some clothes that could go together. The results were pretty lame because i could only found a couple of outfits. And those still needs some shoes, purses and accessories.

All this remind me that you need money in order to have a good outfit. Or at least a varied wardrobe. I little bit upset with this i decided to research a little bit on flickr. I used to use iheart, but flickr its a good resource as well. All of this made me want to have a pro camera again. So it all came down to the fact that i need money. Really disappointing i must say. But who cares, i will still trying.

Oh another thing, i want long hair. And i want to dye it as well LOL

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