25 de octubre de 2014

[Fan account] Mblaq in Peru 12.06.2014

Hello~ I'm writing again. I've decided to post all my fan accounts once for all. Some will be recent, others will be really old. But anyways, I'm doing this so I can have this as my diary and in future years, I can go back to read them :) So, let's start with a not so old fan experience: Mblaq arrival to Lima, Peru.

It was June 12th, 6.00am. I knew Mblaq was arriving that day, didn't know what time, tho. I was really nervous because I had to work during the whole day. But it wasn't so bad since at that time I worked at Jorge Chavez Airport. So I hurried up to get done and to take the bus to work. In the bus I searched for some news of their arrival. There was: Mblaq was arriving at around 10:00am. I got even more nervous.

When I arrived at the airport, I saw like 100+ fans waiting already. They were very loudy. My coworkers were like used to them. I just hurried to my office. I remember my boss didn't came that day, but I had to work like usual. Around 9.30am I had some problem with my PC, so I had to ask some IT guy to get it fixed. I decided to take advantage of that time, to go to take the Money Exchange rate (one of my functions).

So I went down to the 1st floor of the airport. And head to the International Arrivals (where one of the Money Exchange stores was). The screams of the fans were so loud. I remember getting nervous because of them. I can't imagine how idols might feel when they have to face all those noisy and crazy fans.

I passed the main door, by showing my access card. I laughed inside because the security guy must have thought I was one of the fans who was trying to enter, without permission. Anyway, I got to the control door. And there were 2 colleagues. I asked them, what's all that noise about? (lol Like I didn't know). They told me: It's because a Korean band. I just say: Oh~. After they got checked, they entered to the International Arrivals area. Then, the security lady checked me (they look for any weapons). And I remember she told me "they are very loud, aren't they?" (refering to the crazy screams). And I just laughed and agree to her. I'm wondering if she also thought I was a fan lol.

After she was done with the checking, she let me pass. I thanked her and entered. I crossed the gate and I remember I checked my cellphone before looking up... And there was Mblaq. Everything happened like in slow motion. The first one I saw was Mir. He was like a few steps ahead of me. He was really handsome that day. Unfortunately for me he was wearing his sunglasses. Behind him was Thunder, he also had sunglasses :(. He looked chubbier than I thought. Behind him was Seungho and G.O. Both also had sunglasses :/.

While I was approaching to them (because they were in my way to enter the area), I faced Mir because I didn't know which way to go (to the right or to the left). It would have been really helpful if Thunder told me which way to go like in the song Monalisa lol.

So, when I was deciding which way to go, the last guy on the row looked up to see who was moving funny in front of them. Then I could see Lee Joon's eyes. He gave me a curious face. He was wearing a cup and a hoodie, but with no sunglasses. He was so handsome, omg. I really don't know how I remained so quite like I didn't know who they were. Before I passed them, I smiled (like I do to everybody at the airport) and gave a quick look to all of them. Then I looked to the front and walked like nothing happened.

When they finally passed me, I could see my 2 colleagues. They were like: "It's them!", pointing them at me (lol, like I didn't knew). I acted as I didn't know and turn around to looked at their backs as they made their way through the main door. With my 2 colleagues listened to the screams. OMG, they were so loud. It gave me the chills. Then, we just left to our ways.

I did what I went down for, and left that area. I took the Exchange Rate in other 3 points of the airport and went back to the office. On my way, I started shaking, like finally realizing what just have happened. I blushed and started texting my little sister, telling her everything. She was so shocked and happy for me. It was really a lucky day for me, because I didn't plan anything, it just happened this way. Thank, God.

Well, that was my experience with Mblaq. Unfortunately I couldn't take any picture of them or film anything since I'm not allowed to during my work time. But, the whole experience will remain in my memory ♡. Did I mention before Joon and Mir are my favorites in the group? lol

That's all for today. Hope I can keep writing this often. 

Andrea ☾

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