24 de octubre de 2014

[Fan account] Park Jungmin in Lima 19.10.2014

Hello~ ♡

This is my 2nd fan account of Jungmin's stay in Lima. Here we go:

I arrived at Tambo hotel at 9am aprox. My friend Josy was already there, just like 20 other fans. The morning passed and more fans came to the hotel. Around 12m, someone from the organizers announced the Fanmeeting with PJM was canceled. We were all shocked. I started texting my friends who were going to the event. I felt so sad, I couldn't believe it. I won't explain the reasons of the cancelation, because until now they are unknown. There are lots of positions and rumors, so I prefer to remain impartial.

Around 4.30pm we saw some PJM's dancers going somewhere. My friend Josy made me follow him lol. She was like hypnotized. Anyway, we arrived at his hotel (PJM and staff stayed in 2 hotels). We saw them in the lobby talking at the counter. I realized they were preparing to leave the hotel, so basically, going back to Korea. I grabbed my friend and said: "Let's go to the airport RIGHT NOW. THEY ARE LEAVING!". Josy didn't want to believe it. I said again it was better for us to take the bus now, than taking the taxi later, because of the money expent.

So, after dragging my friend, we found ourselves at the bus, on our way to the airport. We arrived at 6.30pm. After looking around we only found a group of fans waiting aswell. Around 7pm I found some other friends. We gathered and start searching around the hotel. 8pm and there were already 50+ fans in the airport. 9pm and we were over 100 fans. I think all the fans that were waiting in the event's place, after being told the event was cancelled, hurried to the airport. 

My friend told me Jungmin left the hotel at 6.30pm, and later they were spoted at Rustica restaurant. So, after making some calculations, I decided to wait until 11pm max. I was already tired, and I saw him the day before, so I would only wait until that hour. With some friends decided to wait for him outside the airport. But they left, and at 10.40pm only Josy and I were waiting in our strategic spot. Suddenly, 20+ fans appeared. I cursed, because I knew they wouldn't behave correctly.

And then, the bus of PJM arrived. It looked liked everybody called their friends, because out of nowhere there were 50+ fans waiting for Jungmin to come out of the bus in the place we were waiting. 

Jungmin was seating in the middle seat. He was hidden besides the courtains of the bus. After all the dancers and the staff came out, Jungmin opened the courtains and started to waved at us. OMG, he was so considerated to do that. The bus suddenly started to move, in order to park better. Then, Jungmin stood up and came out of the car.  I was lucky enough to have eyecontact with him again. He had a sad smile, but he kept waving at us. Really, this man is so kind! He then took another red car and left.

I dragged my friend to the check in entry. One of the benefits of have worked in the airport is that I already know it as my house lol. So we were outside of the check in, waiting for him to appeared. But suddenly the dancers and staff of Jungmin came out of the check in. My friend dragged me again with them lol. They were with the police. I knew it was a distraction, but my friend held hands with a dancer so we couldn't leave lol. 

After 15 minutes, the dancers and staff went inside the check in one more time. We then realized Jungmin was already inside the check in. Nobody saw how he entered.

Thank God I have a camera with a 12x zoom. I could film Jungmin inside the check in area the whole time, with a good resolution. Unfortunately, I won't be able to upload my fancams because they weight too much and my internet speed is very low.

Anyway, first we were looking at him from outside the airport (check in area has glass windows).  But since we couldn't see that much, with my friend went to another area were we could see him better.

Once again, I thank my camera for its great resolution. I could see Jungmin's expressions better with it. Jungmin saw there were fans looking at him from far and he waved at us. He is such a nice and humble person, I swear. After these 2 days, that's my impression of him.

We were like 10 girls looking in the spot Josy and I were. They started to shout at him: ROMEO! and SEXY CHARISMA! And he starting laughing. Omg, so cute. Then he asked the girls to remain quite. I later realized I could have shout something to him in Korean, like: We will miss you, or You're handsome. But I was so shocked and abstracted with him that I didn't even say a word, again.

Then with my friend, realized where we where at that time, wasn't the best position to wait for him. So we run to another strategic position (lol) and we waited there. After 10 minutes, we could see Jungmin and his crew coming out of the check in, with help of the National Police.

At that moment, I feared of Jungmin's safety. Outside of the check in area were like 50 fans trying to reach him, touch him, take pictures of him. And most of them weren't the type of good behavior girls.

Surprisingly, Jungmin looked very calm and amuzed about it. He was smiling even though he was so tight with the police officers and the staff around him. I bet he was trying to keep himself cheered up for the fans :(

So, Jungmin came closer and closer to the place Josy and I were. My heart started to run faster lol. But I don't know if it was because of the emotion of having him again so close, or because there were coming lots of fans against me (and the chance of dying because of them was high lol).

Fortunately, I was strong and lucky enough to not get hurt by the other fans. And I could see Jungmin past in front of him one more time. I only filmed in the beginning, but then turned off my camera in order to see him with my bare eyes and not through the camera. While going up, he looked at me, I looked at him, and he smiled. Such a calm and sincere smile ♡. I couldn't film that moment, because of the emotion, but it's in my memory :)

During his way up the electric stairs, Jungmin had a staff member in front of him, screaming to the fans in Korean to move out (in the second floor were waiting over 100 fans). And another staff who was next to Jungmin pushed all the fans that tried to touch him (well deserved). He didn't do anything to me because I only saw him, didn't try to touch him like other crazy fans.

After he reached the second floor through the electric stairs, he made his way to the Concourse. My friend and I followed him until we couldn't more. There were over thousands of fans in the Control door, and obviously it was a madness.

After Jungmin entered, he waited in the door and starting to say goodbye to everyone. Once again, charming!! Finally, he left. His flight was at 1.40am to Los Angeles, but he entered around midnight.

We then left the place. My friend and I were so happy. Once again we were able to see him successfully. I think God was by our side these past 2 days. I'm very thankful for these experiences. And I'm also very thankful to Jungmin, because he remained such caring for his fans all the time, dispite of the whole situation. I wish him the best in his future projects. Hopefully I can see him again when I travel to Korea.

Well, this is the end of the fan account. If you want to read the first fan account of Jungmin's stay in Lima, you can click here.

Have a nice weekend ♡

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