31 de octubre de 2014

Happy Halloween!


Yesterday was fun because I went to the movies with my friend Josy :) We wanted to watch The Maze Runner but in the movie theater we went it was not available :( So, since we were already there, we watched Dracula Untold.

It was a good movie, indeed. I was kind of worried they would use horses for battle scenes (most of them get hurt or die during filming). Gladly there was only one scene with a horse in a battle and it didn't look dangerous for the horse. I didn't have high expectations for the movie itself, only was kind of intrigated by the trailer. But, after watching it, I highly recommend it.

Although, Josy and I are still in doubt about the genre of the movie. Because it is suppose to be a little scary, but we laughed a lot. Maybe because it was better to laugh than cry of fear? lol

Josy actually wanted to watch Annabelle. But since I'm a chicken, we didn't watch it. At least we took some pictures with the movie's poster lol. I mean, we didn't plan to take any picture that day (I mean, who takes a camera to the movies? lol). So we could only take some shitty quality pictures with my Nokia's camera and Josy's tablet's front camera lol.

Actually, Annabelle's poster was really cool lol. Hopefully she won't come and hunt me :( I have a little dog to take care of, lol. Okay, so that's all for today.

Happy Halloween to everyone!

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