15 de noviembre de 2014

Matsuri XXIII


Last Saturday (Nov 8th) was the XXIII Matsuri. Event when they commemorate the arriving of the japanese colony in Peru. I went to that event after 6 years, and man, there are so many changes! This time I went late, I used to go very early before (about noon) because I was in school. But now that I'm a college girl 8D I went to the event at 6pm. Obviously before I stayed until 10pm max. Now I stayed until 1am lol. That's mayor change for me, because this time I could presence the Hanabi (fireworks). 

Anyway, let's start from the beginning. The reason why this time I got very late was because I had some test at university until 3pm, so I had to go back home and get done and then go to the event. And the second reason was because that day was sunny as hell, so I didn't want to get burned. Unfortunately, I was hoping the concerts would start late, like years before, but no. This time, the concerts started at 4pm and ended when I arrived :( ARGHHH. I missed lots of bands that I wanted to hear after lots of years, and the worst thing was that they actually played songs I knew (Butterfly, Blurry Eyes, etc). Definitely not lucky. And also, in the past, they would only make a raffle for 1 ticket to Tokyo, this year they gave away 3 tickets!! And one was given before I arrived :( :( I lost my chance OTL.

Anyway, after I realized about that, and tearing a little bit, I decided to enjoy the rest of the event and not regreting the spent of money. By the way, the ticket cost has increased over the past years aswell :/ So... the location of the event was the same: the AELU. But the distribution of the space was lot differente. In past years, the stands would be in the parking lot, and the concerts would be held in the coliseum. This time, the stands were located in some sort of yawn, and the concert was held there too (in some sort of stairs and sits they installed). Hated the new distribution. It was so freaking crowded, omg. I could barely walk through the stands. And I didn't even wanted to eat anything, but you couldn't even walk around. It was dangerous of course. I mean, if something had happened, catastrophy would have ocurred. Gladly, we were lucky enough to pass through the people without any harm or lost.

There were so many stands of food, merchandising, promotional, etc etc. There were also children game and some improvised food court lol. In the end, with my friend Josy (we went together) decided to sit in the stairs to watch the show). They raffled 2 TVs, 2 PSP4 and 2 more tickets to Tokyo. We didn't win a thing :( Definitely, not a lucky day at all. Well, the event was very cultural. The opened and shared sake between the public. It didn't reach us :/.

They played traditional music and fusion music (peruvian and japanese mixed). They danced some traditional dances. In the end they had the public to dance along to some song of the event: "So Omoshiroi, so Omoshiroi, Peru no Matsuri, so Omoshiroi". It was awkward but fun. In the end, the fireworks started around 1am and that was the end of the whole event.

If I come back next year or any year in the future, I will carry my food because they don't really check small bags. And next year I will check better the schedule :( Aaaand I will buy batteries for my camera T_T Mine died inmediately. I couldn't take more than 8 pictures :(. Next time, I will take tons of pictures.


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