16 de enero de 2011

After a long week... a great night!

So yesterday was the ichiban party. And like i was telling ya, i won the ticket for that party. I picked it up at 5 pm and i just fooled around til 7:30 LOL It's was pretty entertaining cause i start to talk to the other girls who also like SuJu, so i lost track of the time til my mom called to tell me to hurry up and get to the place. And since i'm a good kid. I obey. So i took a bus, and got to the place.

I got lost a little bit. I had to walk 7 blocks haha. So, when i finally got to the club, i had to wait 1 hour on the queue D: But i meet Nahomy, a girl who like SuJu as well. Even when we don't like the same guy or anime couple (she likes Ichihime D:), i'm a tolerant person. That's what life taught me.

When we finally got inside, it was pretty boring til they played some pogo music. It was so much fun then. Even if i got all sweedy after 1 hour of full jumping LOL Then the activities started, first karaoke, later individual cosplay, more pogoer and the band finally came up. I've been already in othe peruvian band's concert, but let me tell ya, they got a plus: they are good looking LOL At least Yukhi, Jun and Hiro.

After they played their music, a group of friends conviced me to stalk them. It was really awesome cause it had been such a long time since i did that kind of things. We could take some photos with Yukhi and Hiro. However, we couldn't get photo with the bassist. After all that nonsense, it came the game time. Pretty random i must say. But it was 3 am already so i got to say goodbye to the girls i met in that party. At least, i got their emails, so we can be in contact :D

Again, i got no pictures cause i didn't bring my camera, but Sidny took some photos with hers, so i'm waiting that she can give them to me. Bye guys, and sorry for the english entry. I'm not in the good mood to write in spanish right now. I think it's harder to write in spanish cause i have to explain everything LOL At least i have to haha.

That's Mu-gen 8D

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