14 de enero de 2011

Tiring life

I just felt like writting about my random week. First of all, now i'm used to wake up just to lunch and go to my english classes. But the wednesday was the exception. Evelyn came to wake me up at 10 a.m. So, i have a really long day. I'm mean it wasn't harsh, it was actually funny sujunizing her. She got potential, like i said LOL I think she fell for Heechul, so that's how the whole thing start. You know?. I was really thinking that she'd like either Heenim or Yesung because both of them are her type~

Also, i'm pretty happy today, cause my luck have been reaffirmed. I just won an Ichiban ticket, so i'm saving 15 soles LOL i know it's not that much, but it means a lot for me, kay? And it was just pretty much that. I'm writting in english, cause i don't care/wanna anyone understand this nonsense so... See ya :)

Enjoy the Hee-chilly

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