24 de enero de 2011


Yeah, i gotta admit it rn. I'm starting to like SHINee. Ugh, i never imagined this could ever happen, but you see D: At least i like three of their songs. I thinks it's because i've heard it a lot of times. While i'm not joining the fc or something, i'm OK. It's enough with Super Junior like to start a new addiction D: Even though, i don't like the whole group, i like when i see SuJu singing with them LOL Pretty akward, right?

Anyway, this is my random entry of the week. I'm also saying that i bought my new glasses, so you'll see me more nerdy LOL Whatever, i need them so. I hope it would not make me feel dizzy orz

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Eve, this is for you. If you can recognize them LOL

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