18 de enero de 2011

Random Entry

Yesterday was Kim Young Woon's birthday, mostly known as the Super Junior Kangin Toromacho. Even if he's not with his brothers of the boy-band right now, he's fighting for Korea in the army. So the best of the luck for him. Kangino Hwaiting :D

Okay, so today i was trying, almost failing, to learn the No Other dance. I really respect the suju members more right now. I mean, it's really complicated to learn this fucking dance. I took me about 2 hours to learn just lest than the half of the choreography D: Well, i think i can finish it by the end of the week. But i think i'll have to drop the Bonamana dance, i mean, if i almost can't learn this dance, then how i'm supposed to learn the minnah one?. Oh well at least i'm losing weight LOL

Another thing i wanna talk in this entry, it's the fact that i've being daydreaming pretty much this week. I dunno if this is because i have a lot of things to think during the way home or maybe i'm really wanting some kind of relationship with somebody ._. I hope it's the first one LOL I can't really imagine myself with someone else in this kind of relation. I mean, i won't be single forever, maybe, but i don't want any kind of commitment right now. When i'd want to have a boyfriend I will let you know LOL

I've always thought that you two have very similar features, maybe that's why i started liking Kangin LOL

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