29 de enero de 2011

Entry of the week, this means more Randomness

Yeah, i couldn't post anything because my loyal laptop died .__. And i still need to take it to fix. So until then, i'll be inactive because i have to share my father's laptop with my two siblings. Its a pain in the ass ,indeed. Well, the goal i approach this week was that i succesfully ended my english courses at ICPNA. I got 100 LOL. I won't say it was an easy thing cause it wasn't. But i think it's nothing out of this world.

Another thing i want to say it's the fact that i got my new glasses. With those i complete my new look, but i'm still waiting till my hair got a redish color so... I'll update a photo of myself with glasses when i'm done with all the hato projects that i have this month. I have the hyuk letter project, the kyu brithday project, the donghae valentine project and lot more things. Im gonna die these days. And i just have 5 days of break, my classes begin on feb 3 D:

Oh, just today Lady Hee Hee (Heechul as Gaga, yeah, pure win) was tendring topic LOL and i bet that he knew about this! He even updated a photo of himself as lady hee hee! Oh and Ryewook likes him as well.

I say Hee! You say Ssica!

Lady Hee Hee and Hangeng is SS3

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