2 de enero de 2011

New addiction

I never thought this would actually happen, but... oh, well, i give it a damn.

I dunno, but i feel like writing in english. It's maybe 'cause i'm starting the english lessons next week or maybe 'cause i don't want nobody to understand this. Like they wouldn't. Okay, here's the deal. Don't think that i'm pregnant, or maybe that i'm a new cocaine addict. Hell no. Somehow is safer than that, but not quite safe. At least no for my otaku side. I'm mean, i'm leaving behind the freaky part of me and replacing it with my new love for korean idols. More specifically... Super Junior. Yep, during the past 2 weeks i did nothing but SuJunizing me.

All started when some person, whom i'm not mention, tell me the name of the only one guy i considered attractive in the 13 member boy band: DongHae. Yes, he's the reason i like the whole group right now lol. In the very first beginning i just liked the subgroup SJ-M, but then i started liking other songs of the group in general. Even when i know that they're not the best singers ever, i appreciate them, the 13+2 :) And i don't think it would change in a lot of time.

Thanks for losing your time reading this nonsense lol. But it was a quite time since i wanted to write this, so here it is.

Hae & Kyu acting gay for Happy Bubble's comercial LOL

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