3 de enero de 2011

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» Graduation and Prom

Never really cared about this kind of things, but... oh well, at least, i had to look decent, right? Okay, it all started a Monday's morning. It was 7 a.m, i guess, and i was straightening my hear -it's the only way it can look normal- still needing some formal clothes -i had to improvise it the same day lol-... So it was a quite difficult day. I wore a white blouse and black formal pants. I arrived at hotel pretty early, so i had to wait until the first group went out. I took some photos with my friends meanwhile.

Then, when the time arrived, i enter to the hotel, put my toga on and got ready for the ceremony, wich also started late lol. The rest is so painful to describe that i'll skip it :D In the end, everything worked out pretty well, except for my foot lol The teachers and principal gave their respective speech, didn't hear what they said so don't ask, they also played some videos, don't remember anything either, and the famous mortarboard throwing, pretty awesome i must say.

So when everything finished, i literally rushed off to my house to lunch, take a quick shower, put my prom dress on, got my make up done and return again to the hotel. I got there just in time to dine, but the food... ugh, the worst thing i ever ate. Later, the party got started, pretty bored til 3:30 a.m when everyone there started to dance like freaks lol

That was basically the graduation and prom day, a little bit tired but heartwearming, cause it meant the day when everything actually finished... til the university classes arrive lol

With my lovely tutor, never forget her :)

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