5 de febrero de 2013

[FAN ACCOUNT] BIGBANG's Alive Tour in Peru

I arrived to the venue at 4.30pm aprox. We got to enter at 8pm aprox. Inside, we had to run a looong way in order to get into another queue. After going through a tunnel, we could see the REAL entry of the concert (picture 1). I got very anxious and excited because just then I realized I was entering to THEIR concert. In the way to get to the scenario, we could see some merchandising stands, but we weren’t allowed to stop our way to the hall, so we kept walking.

Then, we could see 4 different gates. Each of these was for each section of the concert. I was in the “General” section (cheapest tickets). They only checked out my bag to see if I had any drink or food. After I got in, I looked up to an empty space so I could see from my spot. I got to say that the space was sooo big. We had lots of space (even though we sold out our tickets’ section there was plenty room for more people).

There were also some merchandising stands in my section (picture 2), besides the food stands and bathrooms. There were two big screens to each side of the scenario (picture 3), which was also HUGE. People kept entering until 9pm when the concert started.

The curtains fell and we could see the 5 boys in their capsules. Still Alive was playing. Then they played “Tonight” and G-Dragon screamed: “Peru, make some noise~!” Then they kept the concert with “Hands Up”, in this song Taeyang was the one who was in the catwalk the more. G-dragon said: “Hey yo, Peru. Ready for this party?”

After this song, they talked a little bit. GD kept with his English. Seungri said “Hola” twice. And Taeyang: “Hola, amigo”. Then, when Taeyang said: “Now scream” I knew it was time for “Fantastic Baby”. After they played it, they went down the scenario.

Then they came back with “How Gee”. They entered with a type of moving car with shiny painting (picture 4)

Later, G-dragon performed one of his latest songs: “Crayon”. I never thought he would actually perform this song. Needless to say that the crowd became wild. Another song that impacted us was “High High”. TOP came also on stage to sing along with GD.

Lot more songs were played. The setlist was this:

1. Alive (intro)
2. Tonight
3. Hands Up
4. Fantastic Baby
5. How Gee
6. Stupid Liar
7. Crayon (solo G-Dragon)
8. Ppeokigayo (G-Dragon & T.O.P)
9. High High (G-Dragon & T.O.P)
10. Strong Baby (solo SeungRi)
11. What Can I Do (solo SeungRi)
12. GaraGara Go
13. Number 1
14. 2Café
15. Bad Boy
16. Blue
17. Love Song
18. Monster
19. Feeling
20. Look Only At Me (solo Taeyang)
21. Wedding Dress (solo Taeyang)
22. Wings (solo Daesung)
23. Haru Haru
24. Lies
25. Last Farewell
26. Heaven
27. Mix of Bad Boy/Fantastic Baby/ Feeling

The concert was so lo~ng. I only expected a 1 hour concert but they performed for over 2 hours! Then, the feeling time arrived. They performed “Bad Boy”, “Blue”, “Monster” and Daesung’s solo “Wings” (he didn’t appear with his wings tho :c).

And to close the show they played “Haru Haru”, “Lies” and “Last Farewell”. These are my favorite songs from BigBang, so I was very hyper when they performed them. After this, they said goodbye. But nobody moved because we knew that there must be an encore.

Suddenly, 3 guys in black came in the scenario with crown light sticks and started to make us move our light sticks with theirs. After a couple of minutes, BB came again to perform their last songs. This time it was a complete party. They even came down the stage and could interact with their fans. Ugh, I felt so envy of the ones who were in first row haha. I wish I could have afford the highest tickets, but oh well, I guess only real VIP deserved it.

When the concert was over I felt so satisfied. I mean, money totally worth it. What a great display of fireworks, great scenario, nice setlist. Best k-pop concert of the year, I must say. And I’m not a huge fan of them haha.

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