12 de febrero de 2013

Shopping day!

Yesterday, my mother, my sister and I went shopping from 10am to 10pm. Pretty long day!

We first went to Jesus Maria (the place I bought my nail polishes last time) to get some cosmetic product such as a Nivea make-up remover (at Juanita store), a nail fortifier polish, a Pond's cream and a Korean facial mask (yup, I bought this in Peru. I was also surprised when I found about this and it's just $2). I bought the last two products at my favorite store so far: Andrea. It's a very cheap store with so much variety and it has my name on it! LOL

Then we went to C.C. Caminos del Inca to buy some clothing. But the only thing I bought was my high waisted black shorts. I bought them at Ultra Lola store for $50. Then, we made a stop to have some snacks. Actually, my sister made me buy her a cheesecake since she was hungry. But, we ended up eating it together lol. We ate at Pikeos Cafe, such an AMAZING cheesecake. The amazing thing about it is the fact that it has oreo inside! Delicious. Too bad I'm on a diet, so I'm not planning to go back till I get the figure I want.

Anyway. Later we moved to a vintage store, Lovely Vintage, in Jesus Maria again. I bought there my moustache pink t-shirt for 15$. The reason why we kept moving from a way to another is that my mother had some meetings so our shopping route was defined by her work lol. 

Finally, we came back to the Accu shopping center in Jesus Maria to buy a bustier (the blue one in the picture above) for $15. It looks so nice with my black shorts. And my sister got her Homer slippers for $9. She also bought another gray t-shirt and a heat protection spray.

We were in our way home when we entered to a last shop and I found this pretty dress that really flattered me in terms of body shape lol. I bought it for less than $30 at Bhoga store.

And that was my day. I got home; I took a shower and went straight to bed. Such a tiring yet fun day. I love my mom when she decides to spend every cent in her daughters. So careless~! LOL

Well, have a nice day!

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