9 de febrero de 2013

Nail obsession + Random selcas

Recently, I've been obsessed with nail polish. I got lots of it. But, I wasn't like this before... back in school, I wasn't allowed to use nail polish, and also my mom didn't want me to use because she thought it would damage my young nails. Well, it's true. Nail polish will damage eventually you nail if you dont treat them correctly. That's why you have to use a base coat nail foundation.

Well, anyway. I got into college and I got more freedom, that's when I got to buy nail polishes! I change my polish almost every week. These were the latest. The common french manicure I made myself and the sparkle one :) I must say I LOVE SPARKLE NAILS lol And I also bought other two more polishes to my collection.

Well, besides that my week has been pretty chaotic. Too many kpop artist coming to my country and not enough many to go to all of them OTL. I wish I were rich enough to afford all their concert tickets... But oh well. I guess I will only focus on working in order to pay my Super Junior tickets :) 

Finally, I share with you guys some selcas I took few days ago. I was bored so I grabbed my camera and took pictures until it ran out of battery lol I must say it's really hard to take pictues in my bedroom because of the poor lightning, but I think i now have my fav picture-taking spot lol

Well, that's it for today. Have a nice Chinese new year ^^

2 comentarios:

  1. Dónde compraste el esmalte con bolitas de colores *u*?

  2. En una tienda en Perú :) Queda en Jesús María. Entre la 13 y 14 de Garzón. La tienda se llama Andrea xD