10 de febrero de 2013

St. Ives Make-up remover and Facial Cleanser Review

Today I'm going to review St. Ives Fresh Skin Make-up remover & Facial cleanser. I must say I've been using this in a daily basis until I ran out of it and I'm telling you guys my experience. The package claims it gently removes make-up and cleanses skin. It says, "This cleanser effortlessly removes even the heaviest make-up while cleaning the skin". Other indications: 

-Not tested on animals 
-Does not contain animal ingredients
-Formulated without parabens and phthalates

I give this cleanser a 3/5.

It doesn't really remove all your make-up. After using it for a long time, I learned that the best way to apply this cleanser in order to get the best results is that after rinsing with water, you humidify some cotton and take off the rest of make-up left. So, as a make-up remover is not a great thing. 

But, as a make-up cleanser is OK. I really like the soft texture of my skin after applying it. Plus, I love how eco-friendly is this brand, especially with animals.

-Very cheap. I got it for $5.
-Leaves my skin very soft.

-Not such good make-up remover.
-Have Mineral Oil (which some people might hate)

Repurchasing?: No. I wanna try other cleansers more effectives. And after researching about mineral oil (and its relation to breakouts), I prefer not to take risks and try other products without it.

Thanks for reading.

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