18 de febrero de 2013

Meet the place where KHJ is going to perform

As you might already know, KHJ is going to perform this Feb 25th in Lima, Peru. But, what you might not know is that the so called "Explanada" of "Parque de la Exposición" (a public park) is actually a parking lot.

Last week, my friend and I went to the park to find out where really was Hyun Joong going to perform because we knew that in this place there is an auditorium, but we've never heard of a "Explanada" (esplanade). After going around without having anybody to give us a reason about it, we found two park keepers and we asked them where the Explanada was. They told us that whenever they had an event in the esplanade, they closed the parking lot, they put up tents and that was where the event was hold. That was pretty shocking. I must say. Well, I guess it was kind of hard to find a big place in no time.

According to the park keepers, they might set the stage either to the left or the right side. I believe is going to be to the right side (third picture) in order to about curious to watch the show. Anyway, the whole place is going to be closed and they might put awning around it so people won't be so overwhelmed by the sun (Damn summer).

Well, I still thing Green peas won't mind because they are going to have him anyways and the producer said the light effects is going to be extraordinary and there is also going to be a big led screen. Plus, recently we've been informed that 5 lucky girls will come up the stage to meet Hyun. And the leader is going to sing for 1 lucky fan. Plus he is going to perform around 12 songs ("Because I'm stupid" and "Love like this" are confirmed, too).

So, if you wanna go, you can still buy your tickets by clicking here.

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