4 de febrero de 2013

These hot days

The weather these days is unbearable, but that's not an obstacle to meet with friends! Last Saturday, I met Olga and Ale, both are my kpop friends :) We had lunch together, made plans for Super Junior arrival and watch the I.AM movie (well, the concert part, didn't have enough time to watch the other part u.u) And I got updated in how Olga's kpop collection got bigger. 

Last time we took a picture of our whole collection and it wasn't that big. But now, just Olga's is BIG! haha. And she has not only Super Junior and SHINee, but also some from SNSD and TVXQ. And my collection is just lightsticks :c I wish I could buy some more albums in the future just like her as well :)

Well, that's my quick update of the day. Have a nice Monday~

2 comentarios:

  1. Que hermosa colección de SHINee, que hermoso ;A; yo solo tengo SHERLOCK versión Onew, pero también tengo ese DVD DE LOS JONAS Y EL LIBRO 8D

  2. jaja es que Olga también es fan de los Jonas y Michael Jackson x3