14 de febrero de 2013

Valentine's day my ass

My only love will always be myself lol.

The only reason why I would like to have a boyfriend is to have him buying me things lol I'm a very independent woman and I think I don't need (at least not now) a man next to me. I'm not like every girl. I don't wanna marry nor wanna have kids. I'm just a free spirit that will live just by herself.

You may say, "Ok, you are still young to think about that". I mean, my grandma and my mother both tell me that. But, you know what? I'm pretty stubborn... So, we will see how things will work out in a future for me. Maybe I will find someone (a soul mate if you wanna call it that way) that might change my point of view, or maybe I won't. Since I'm always avoiding commitments I think that person should be stubborn as well lol.

Anyway, these are just so random thoughts. By the way, if you are curious. All the papers say "Andrea". The yellow one is in Chinese and the white one is in Japanese. I didn't put the Korean one cause that one is easy/I already use that too much.

Have a nice day!

P.D: I'm not trying to be offensive to anyone. Peace and love!

2 comentarios:

  1. jaajaja Andrea, creo que la canción de Miss A "I don't need a man" es perfecta para ti xD jejeje; pero yo creo que es algo genial, es decir, muchas piensan que para ser feliz necesitas a alguien a tu lado, yo creo que la verdad es algo tonto :/.

    Todo llega a su momento, y si quieres disfrutar de tu solteria tienes todo el derecho de hacerlo. Yo me uno porque por el momento mi único amor es hacia mi profesión y las cosas que me gustan xD.

    Un saludo~ ^0^

  2. Jaja, sí, justo vi el título de la canción antes de escribir la entrada. Y qué bueno por las dos! Vivamos felices nuestra soltería >w<